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Rings OTHER than your e-ring and wedding band

MS4, on April 8, 2015 at 10:50 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 30
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Does anyone here routinely wear rings other than your engagement ring and/or wedding band? A right hand ring or anything like that? Did it influence your choice of engagement ring? Have your habits changed since getting engaged?

Before I got engaged, I always wore a plain gold band on my left pinky. It's not meaningful to me for any specific reason, but it felt like it belonged there! Now it feels really weird to wear it next to my engagement ring because of the way they bang together. Now I either don't wear it or I wear it on my right hand--changing what I do with that ring felt oddly momentous to me!

Anyone else think/wonder about these things?


  • MzRosaLu
    Master July 2016
    MzRosaLu ·

    I find that I wear other rings and even bracelets a lot less frequently now. I guess it's because of the "newness" of the e-ring. Hopefully I'll get back into accessorizing mode when that new feeling wears off!

  • Amy
    Expert May 2015
    Amy ·

    I have a ring that I've worn for over 15 years on my left hand ring finger. I've always loved it and it has great sentimental value. It was on my finger 24/7. When I got my engagement ring, I switched it over to my right hand. It felt really weird at first, now it's second nature. Haven't decided whether I'll wear it in the wedding though - probably not.

  • MelissaC
    Master January 2015
    MelissaC ·

    I used to wear my high school ring on my middle finger on my left hand and my college ring on my middle finger on my right, but after getting engaged, I put my high school ring in my e-ring's box and don't wear it anymore. I still wear my college ring on my right hand.

    ETA: I removed my college ring for our E-pics and my bridal portraits, but I forgot to remove it for the first look pics and bridal party pics during the wedding. I removed it right after and kept it off for the rest of the night.

  • Katherine
    Super May 2015
    Katherine ·

    I bought myself a ring and wore it on my left hand. Since I've been engaged I haven't worn it. I may try wearing it on my right hand and see how it feels. FH was always embarrassed of my ring though because people assumed he had given it to me; it's inexpensive with tiny chips of diamonds. Lol. He prefers I wear only my engagement ring.

  • MS4
    Super September 2015
    MS4 ·

    MzRosaLu, the newness is a good point! I'm sure that's a big part of it!

    Amy, that must have been odd at first for sure. Why wouldn't you wear it to the wedding?

    Melissac, that seems appropriate! Getting married seems like a big step forward from the milestone of finishing highshcool.

  • Kymberlee Webb
    Savvy August 2015
    Kymberlee Webb ·

    My FH gave me a promise ring that I used to wear on my left had, but now I wear it every day on my right hand, except for when I play tennis. It cuts into my hand if I forget to take it off!!!!

  • m
    Master July 2015
    m ·

    I have a snake ring I wear on my right hand everyday. Not for years or anything - I bought it somewhere in Egypt a few years back, and I'll wear it for several months, take it off for several months, put it back on....

    I just like snakes, lol.

  • m
    Master July 2015
    m ·

    I have a snake ring I wear on my right hand everyday. Not for years or anything - I bought it somewhere in Egypt a few years back, and I'll wear it for several months, take it off for several months, put it back on....

    I just like snakes, lol.

  • Lara
    Master July 2015
    Lara ·

    I have an opal ring that I used to wear everyday, now I probably wear it 3 or 4 days of the week. It's still special to me (my birthstone, gift from my parents) but not as special as my e-ring.

  • P
    VIP May 2016
    Private User ·

    FH got me a pandora ring for my right hand ring finger a couple months after we got engaged. My OCD was driving me nuts because I could feel a ring on my left hand and not my right hand. Weird, I know. He let me pick it out and it is somewhat similar to my engagement ring.

  • Finally Mrs. Crowell
    Super March 2015
    Finally Mrs. Crowell ·

    My parents and I had my great grandmother's engagement ring reset about 5 years ago. I wear it daily on my right ring finger, but it complements my engagement ring nicely.

  • FFW
    Master August 2016
    FFW ·

    I've lost every ring I've even been given. So I am extra careful with my ering. I cannot wait to get just a simple everyday wedding band so I wont have the pressure. and its too big to wear all the time. FH was like "why do you take it off" i proceeded to try to fix my hair, put on lotion, with it on and he got the point, it gets in the way. I love it and its beautiful but I doubt it will be an everyday piece for me. I def toned down my accessorizing. Like I try to avoid my fake "diamond" earrings I use to wear on occasion at night or formal event because i dont want them taking away from my real diamond ring. My aunt who was remarried last year wears more jewelry, her ring is huge, and she says all the other jewelry make it pop.

  • Charla
    Super March 2015
    Charla ·

    I always wear my grandmothers engagement ring on my right hand. Some people make comments or say something about me wearing two engagement rings, but I've warn this ring since I was 16. It's a part of me.

  • Finally Mrs. F
    Super November 2015
    Finally Mrs. F ·

    I have a ring that I have worn for the past 6 years at least. The ring switched hands at some point but I honestly don't remember if it was before or after I got engaged. It's on my right hand now. It was a little bothersome at first, but in the same way that any ring would be if worn daily.

  • Robin
    VIP September 2015
    Robin ·

    FH gave me a beautiful gold ring that looks like an infinity sign on my birthday 12 years ago. I wear it on my right hand, ring finger and only take it off to clean it. I don't even notice it anymore. And I don't take it off while weightlifting. Of course I'll wear it for the wedding.

  • JAL2015
    VIP May 2015
    JAL2015 ·

    I have two other rings that I have been wearing everyday for the last 13 years. One is my school ring and the other is my birthstone ring which was my grandma's and it was passed onto me. I wear them on my right hand and my E-ring is the only ring on my left hand.

  • T-Rex
    Master August 2013
    T-Rex ·

    I wear my mom's wedding set on my right hand every day (have been doing so since she died 3 years ago). It's gold, and is the only gold ring I wear. At first, the silver and gold combo kind of bothered me (it was ingrained that you don't wear both!) but I got over that quickly. I also don't want any more rings since I can't leave the house without these three.

    You'll get used to the rings banging together. As you can see, my band doesn't fit behind my e-ring, so I wear the band on the middle finger. The clicking/banging doesn't bother me.

    Edited to add: After my dad died, my mom had her rings soldered completely together and then melted together as well. It's a diamond solitaire, a band, and two book-end rings. People comment on it all the time that it looks like a shield or a great art deco design from the 20s.

  • Brianna
    Expert May 2016
    Brianna ·

    I only wear my engagement ring now. Any other rings feel like too much.

  • Monana
    VIP May 2015
    Monana ·

    I wear a ring that FH got me as a Christmas gift one year. I don't wear it every single day, but quite frequently. It is currently the stand-in for my engagement ring because I sent my rings away to be soldered.

  • Breanna
    VIP June 2015
    Breanna ·

    I have a promise ring FH got me for my 18th birthday. I used to wear it but since I got my e ring I keep it on the matching necklace he got for my 19th.

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