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Kelly, on March 27, 2020 at 7:42 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 5
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Hello fellow brides! I was supposed to get married tomorrow in Arizona. I should be watching the sunset from a rooftop balcony at my rehearsal dinner but due to C19, I am not. Not one of my vendors GS offered a refund (with the exception of the chair rentals - they gave us half back). Food was not ordered, menus were not confirmed - we postponed 2+ weeks ago. Our venue has not communicated with us in 8 days and if we can’t get the rehearsal venue to match up with the wedding venue, we will be out thousands. I’m looking for advice on what recourse we have in order to recoup our deposits and plan a wedding in our home state. I know this is hard on the hotel industry as well but if product wasn’t ordered, I don’t know how we can be liable with the exception of labor spent on communication and planning from event coordinators. Any advice is appreciated. Ty!! ❤️


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  • LB
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    I've found, from reading others accounts on the boards, that those postponing are able to use their initial deposits/payments towards their future event. However those that cancel are getting nothing. Unfortunately unless your contract covers cancellation due to an "act of god" you are probably out of luck Smiley sad
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  • Melle
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    I think the most unsettling part is their lack of communication with you during this time. I’d want to say maybe because they’re also busy as heck but I’m sure it would have been nice to get this resolved sooner than later. I agree with what pp said from everything I’ve seen on here in the past weeks it seems if you cancel instead of postpone, the chances of refund are slim
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  • Cristy
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    I agree with LB, but I still see it being variable, from vendor to vendor. Most of my vendors were super cool about the postponement, and agreed to carry over my deposit to my new date. I agree that cancelling outright would have probably netted me a different result. But we're still going forward, just later on.

    Having said that, I have one vendor who, surprisingly, won't budge, and insists that new contracts must be signed (no problem with that), and that requires a new deposit.

    Sorry, you're a sole proprietor of your business who makes all the rules, right? You could be cool and waive a second deposit, because we have committed to using you for our wedding. Nope. I get that she is losing money too, even for postponements. She's probably not going to be able to re-book that weekend, for the same reason we're all scrambling. But at the same time, this is part of the business/career you chose. I had no control over these circumstances, and my life is on hold until this plays out. I don't think I should be punished by having to pay twice for the same service. So, I can pay this vendor a second deposit, and she will do my new date. Oh, and if that wasn't bad enough, she informed me she's moving out of California by the end of the year, so if my new date is not in 2020, then I'll also have to pay an additional travel fee for her to come back for our wedding in 2021. Or I could ditch her (what FH wants me to do), and find someone new. Either way, I'm paying a new deposit for circumstances beyond my control.

    For you, I can't imagine how they can justify keeping more than your initial deposit. You're right, they haven't prepared anything, haven't wasted a bunch of food or liquor, so it's a wash. All they lost was "future income", and frankly, that's the business they are in. For all of these vendors. This is the risk you take when you choose to make your living as an event vendor. Lots of events get cancelled, or postponed, for all kinds of reasons. You might want to speak to an attorney about this, one who practices contract law, to go over your contract and see if you have any recourse. Those are usually so clogged with legal language, it's difficult for regular people to decipher what their rights are. I know, as I'm a legal secretary. Smiley smile

    Good luck to you, I hope you get at least some of your money back. As for me, I'm still pondering my stubborn vendor.

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  • Jo
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    Hi Kelly, have you had any word back from any of your vendors? Is the venue communicating with you at all? I'm sure they are swamped and in crisis mode but I hope they reach out soon for your peace of mind. Can we at WW offer you any support? Have you tried reaching out to our hotline for advice? We’ve set up a hotline at (833) 998-2865 or you can reach us through help@weddingwire.com for help with any of your wedding planning questions.

    I'm so sorry about what happened to your wedding date

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  • K
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    Kelly ·
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    Hi Jo!

    We were very lucky and almost everyone has allowed us to move dates - we were able to line up our rehearsal venue with the wedding venue and incurred no cost. Turns out a lot of their team went on furlough so that's why no one was reaching out. Thanks for your help!

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