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rb thank you gifts

B11, on May 8, 2019 at 1:58 PM Posted in Planning 0 4

We are getting down to the wire and I'm drawing a blank at what to get our RBs. They are both almost 4 years old. We have activity bags for them during the reception, but I'm trying to think of a little something to get them as a thank you to give at the rehearsal dinner. We're giving our FG a bracelet, but I can't think of an equivalent for the RBs.

Anyone have any ideas?!


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  • Jennifer
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    A cool, smaller, Hot Wheels track set would be amazing! Or maybe a little animal/dinosaur set w/truck? Think things they will play with not just then but later too.
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  • Mikayla
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    Pinterest will be your bestfriend! I saw these cute little badges on there as well as custom ring bearer lego.

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  • Danielle
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    Etsy has these cute little tackle boxes:

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  • Sinéad
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    Hey there! What did you decide to get for your RB's? I'm sure whatever it is, they will love it! Are you super excited for your wedding?

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