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Expert March 2018

Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San lucas?

Carlene, on February 6, 2018 at 4:18 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 6
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We are having the hardest time deciding on our honeymoon destination. Anyone prefer Puerto Vallarta or Cabo and why? Help!


Latest activity by Mandie, on February 7, 2018 at 10:28 AM
  • BrandiWeds18
    VIP May 2019
    BrandiWeds18 ·
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    Puerto Vallarta i believe has a travel warning issue for american tourist on the department of state's website. Not sure which you should select but i just wanted to throw that out there.

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  • fallinthegarden
    Master October 2017
    fallinthegarden ·
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    We went to Puerto Vallarta and enjoyed it. We stayed at the Secrets resort. We also did a couple off-resort excursions.

    Pretty much the entire country of Mexico has travel warnings, but the one for Jalisco only mentioned outlying areas away from Puerto Vallarta. The actual town was fine.

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  • Married and Loving It!
    Super February 2018
    Married and Loving It! ·
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    I love Cabo!!! We went there last year. we are doing playa mujres (Cancun) for ours! Anywhere in Mexico is so much fun- you just have to be a responsible tourist (which you should be any where). Either place you will have a blast!! I would look at excursions you want to do and which place fits what you want to do more.
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  • Kathia
    Savvy April 2018
    Kathia ·
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    I would do Puerto Vallarta! I've lived in Cabo before and i found it quite easy to do all there is to do in pretty much 2 days. There are more activities and things to be experienced in Puerto Vallarta!

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  • Eryk & Audrey
    Savvy February 2018
    Eryk & Audrey ·
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    Cabo!!! I surprisingly enjoyed it more than I did Maui! Stayed at the RIU SANTA FE (not the RIU PALACE) and requested a suite that faced the ocean. The rooms are huge like an apartment. The all inclusive food was the best I’ve ever had, 10 times better than Vegas! And the nightly entertainment was AMAZING! Enjoyed every minute of it! Did some excursions, had the best time!!!

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  • M
    Beginner October 2018
    Mandie ·
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    Oh no, NOT Cabo. It's smelly, and the all inclusive resorts have horrible food. Everything is so bland and boring. The town is small and everything you can see is doable in one or two days. If you plan on staying in your room or on the beach then you might be ok with it. The beaches are also the weird crushed seashell sand that hurt your feet. I highly recommend St. Thomas or one of the BVI...

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