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Sasha, on July 18, 2019 at 6:09 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 5
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What’s supposed to go on them? Can you guys share yours?


  • earias
    Champion December 2017
    earias ·
    Programs usually have the order of the ceremony, music selections, names of people in the wedding party and VIPs and a brief thank you message.

    Programs 1

    Programs 2

    Programs 3
  • Jordan
    Dedicated April 2020
    Jordan ·
    Honestly, I wouldn’t even bother! A lot of people don’t use them.
  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle ·
    I had them purely because I had an outdoor ceremony and wanted people to have a way of shading or fanning themselves aha. I put the order of events including processional as I wanted people to know the names of everyone. I even put in some fun facts about us
  • E
    Dedicated October 2020
    Erin ·
    We are having a Catholic ceremony so ours will likely have all the readings and hymns listed and since maybe half of those in attendance will be Catholic so ours will have an explanation of what to do during the Eucharist for those that aren't Catholic. We will.probably also have the wedding party names on the back as well
  • Peggy
    Master November 2019
    Peggy Online ·
    They’re not necessary but I think they’re nice. They’ll have the order of events and songs on the front and the parents, wedding party and officiant on the back .

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