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Just Said Yes October 2014

Professional MC or ask a friend??

Amie, on August 12, 2014 at 12:00 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 12
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I am having troubles deciding on hiring a professional MC or asking a friend.

Here are my options....

We have a friend who I think would be great for the job but I also don't want him to be "working" during our wedding. We want him to have a great time.

My DJ will do it free of charge but he wont be at the podium and will be behind the DJ area.

I can also hire someone through my DJ company.

I see advantages and disadvantages to each option. What is everyone else doing?



Latest activity by Angie, on August 12, 2014 at 3:46 PM
  • Lindsay Y
    VIP July 2014
    Lindsay Y ·
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    We had Andre's sisters co-MC. The DJ announced our entrance and then they took it from there. They really enjoyed it. And the MC doesn't have too much work over the evening.

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  • Christine
    Expert August 2015
    Christine ·
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    FH asked his brother jokingly if he would MC and he jumped right on it. I know he will do a great job.

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  • L
    Master February 2015
    LetItSnow ·
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    We have a friend as the MC. Once speeches are over, his job is over so he can party like everyone else. The MC will announce when we cut the cake late in the evening, but that's it.

    I think a friend brings a lot more personal touch to your wedding. A stranger doesn't know your crowd and doesn't know you well enough to make it a memorable evening.

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  • A
    Just Said Yes October 2014
    Amie ·
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    Thanks everyone! I think we will ask our friend. I agree it will add a more personal touch! Smiley smile

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  • Celia Milton
    Celia Milton ·
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    Let your DJ do it. seriously. Your friend may know your crowd, but they will know how to lead the evening along. Most DJ's work from behind the DJ booth, and it's fine.

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  • Nay
    Master August 2014
    Nay ·
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    The DJ package we chose includes a DJ and an MC Smiley smile

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  • MrsOJ
    VIP May 2015
    MrsOJ ·
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    I am in the same situation. We have a friend of FH they have been knowing one another for years and this friend is actually a comedian we have been to tons of his shows. FH asked him if he knew any MC's and he said "Yeah me" he said have me host your wedding it will be funnier. I am on the fence because I don't want my day to be jokes all evening. So we shall see he has done this before for weddings but I have never attended any so I don't know his style...

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  • Sally
    Super October 2014
    Sally ·
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    If your budget allows it I'd go with hiring through your DJ company. Friends are great but I think MC'in g an event takes quite a bit of experience and I do think you need to be pretty knowledgeable to do it, especially when it comes to weddings. I know I feel a lot more relieved that we will have an MC that is well-versed in keeping everyone dancing and entertained, and overall speaks well.

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  • Kate
    Master May 2012
    Kate ·
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    Our DJ will emcee as well.

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  • C
    Master June 2015
    ChampagneDream ·
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    My rule of thumb is NO "FRIEND-ORS"!!

    Maybe I"m just super type A, but I want someone who I have a contract with and is experienced and commited to making our day amazing! I'm sure your friend will do great, but I think there's peace of mind knowing professionals are taking care of your big day.

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  • KarenM
    Master November 2014
    KarenM ·
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    Our DJ IS our friend, and also our emcee. He is a professional though, so he knows what he's doing.

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  • Angie
    VIP August 2015
    Angie ·
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    If you don't feel comfortable asking why not drop a hint in a personal conversation? Something like "I have a lot of things figured out, just having trouble finding an MC" Maybe they will offer! We got lucky and one of my fs's coworkers offered before we got near that far! Good luck!

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