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I got married on November 5th 2019 and it was amazing. There are so many words to describe the day so I'm going to split it between what went wrong and what was perfect!

What went wrong:

The big oops was leaving my veil at home in Virginia (I got married in Maine) so I walked down the aisle without my veil and had to take my pictures without it too.

The other stuff was very little. We paid $60 for custom coloring pages and they were left at my grandmother's house which I was kind of upset about. The weather was blah and I wasn't able to get any outdoor pictures with my bridesmaids but we got some good ones in the church. Our table runners weren't the correct length and our napkins were the wrong color but it didn't matter because it looked beautiful regardless.

The photographer also left before our grand exit which was a bummer but I will always remember it. She also missed when my best friends (bridesmaid and groomsmen) got engaged at the very end before our exit (he asked beforehand and I was super happy to let them!)

What went right:

Our DJ was amazing and played the night away. We had so much fun and we even had a Karaoke Hour (which my photographer missed). We had a beautiful service with no hiccups and I cried more times than I thought I was going to. We managed to get a few outside pics which I am very grateful for! My hair, makeup, and dress were amazing and I couldn't ask for more. It was the most perfect day I could ask for and I can't believe that my best friend is now my husband!

Our budget:

We DIY'd basically everything. After calculating how long it took to make everything, I spent around 350 hours making decor and flower arrangements for the 8 months we planned the wedding. All of the signs were hand-painted by me, all of the centerpieces were put together by me and all of the stationary (table numbers, thank yous, thank you tags on favors, placecards, etc.) was designed and printed by me. With all of that in mind, here are my numbers!

Ceremony Venue Fee - Free to us because my dad is a priest

Reception Venue Fee - $1,363.00

Tables - $100.00

Food and Service - $800.00

Open Bar - $1,100.00

Flatware and Dishes - $144.00

Photographer - $350.00 (Family friend so she made me paid ⅓ of the normal price)

Bouquet - $30.00

Wedding Party Bouquets - $84.00

Wedding Party Boutonnieres - $21.00

Flower Petals - $8.00

Flower girl crowns - $11.00

Cake - $160.00

Cake Topper - $5.00

Dress - $822.00

Groom Suit - $185.00

Dress Alterations - $442.00

Custom Converse - $80.00

Flower Crowns - $90.00

Bridesmaids Dresses - $150.00 (I paid for all of them)

DJ - $750.00

Ceremony Musicians - $0.00 (My sisters Fiance)

Invitations and Reply Cards - $85.00

Stamps - $22.00

Officiant - $200.00

Hair - $60.00

Makeup - $60.00

Bridesmaids Robes -$127.00

Bridesmaids Bracelets - $74.00

DIY Custom Hangers - $18.00

Cups - $10.00

Paper napkins - $14.00

Reception Decor - $921.00

Ceremony Decor - $59.00

Coloring Pages For Kids - $60.00

Decals - $35.00

Favors and Gifts - $108.00

M&M Candy - $195.00

Seating Chart - $10.00

Napkins - $44.00

Tablecloths - $165.00

Hotel - $200.00 (honeymoon suite! One night by myself and one night with hubs)

TOTAL: $9,152.00

Our first dance!Pro Bam! (pic Heavy) 1Best man speech (my brother and our roommate before we got engaged)Pro Bam! (pic Heavy) 2Place setting (Custom M&M's because we are Michael and Mary)Pro Bam! (pic Heavy) 3Table set upPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 4Our cakePro Bam! (pic Heavy) 5Cake stand with donuts!Pro Bam! (pic Heavy) 6BuffetPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 7The ballroomPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 8Pure blissPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 9I got all of my bridesmaids matching braceletsPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 10Crowned the King and Queen of our householdPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 11Walking down the aisle with my dadPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 12The altarPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 13Our rings (I made that with a paring knife)Pro Bam! (pic Heavy) 14Hugging him to get away from the coldPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 15My favorite!Pro Bam! (pic Heavy) 16First look!Pro Bam! (pic Heavy) 17GroomsmenPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 18Putting on my converse like CinderellaPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 19Getting readyPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 20

He smashed it in my face so I smashed back!Pro Bam! (pic Heavy) 21Cake cuttingPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 22The photographer found the balconyPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 23Our place settingPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 24Mother Son DancePro Bam! (pic Heavy) 25Father Daughter DancePro Bam! (pic Heavy) 26Maid of Honor speechPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 27Place settingsPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 28Signature Drinks Signs (our cats!)Pro Bam! (pic Heavy) 29Bar menuPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 30Open Bar (which everyone loved!)Pro Bam! (pic Heavy) 31Donut barPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 32Our ringsPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 33BridesmaidsPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 34My dad cried so muchPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 35My mom buttoning my dressPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 36Donut bar signPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 37Memorial for his grandparents and my grandparentsPro Bam! (pic Heavy) 38Our favors (olive oil from Greece)Pro Bam! (pic Heavy) 39


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  • Jai
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    Jai ·
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    This is amazing! I love the donut bar and how much DIY you put into this! Love the dress!
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  • Cyndy
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    Cyndy ·
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    Congratulations! Beautiful pictures!
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  • Kristen
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    Kristen ·
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    Girl! I would have amazon prime over nighted thay veil ha ha. Eh either way you looked beautiful and the day looked lovely. Congrats.
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  • Fenja
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    Fenja ·
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    Everything looks beautiful! I love your signs, they are all so pretty! Congratulations!
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  • Andrea
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    Andrea ·
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    I really love all the signs. You did such a fantastic job on everything. I love the vibe of your wedding. It's just so nice. Congratulations!!!

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  • A
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    Andrea ·
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    Beautiful! Congratulations!!!!
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  • Laurie
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    Laurie ·
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    Everything looks perfect! Congratulations!!
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  • Sherry
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    Sherry ·
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    Everything looked amazing! Congratulations.

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  • Clíodhna
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    Everything looked amazing Smiley love You looked beautiful!

    Congrats Smiley ring

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  • Michaela
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    I can feel the love and happiness radiating from your pictures. It was a beautiful day congrats!

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  • Janiya
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    Janiya ·
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    Congratulations! I love how thoughtful and custom everything turned out! I wish you both a long and happy marriage!
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  • Joy
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    Joy ·
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    Congratulations!!!!! Everything looked beautiful!!!! 💕
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  • Alycia
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    Alycia ·
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    Amazing photos. Your wedding was so beautiful
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  • Catherine
    VIP November 2019
    Catherine ·
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    Everything looked perfect!! congratulations Smiley heart

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  • Molly
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    Molly ·
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    Love the pictures!!!! It's great you were able to get everything done under $10,000.
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