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Prize from bridal show-scam??

Kelly, on June 7, 2018 at 10:38 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 7
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Anyone have any experience winning anything from this vendor at a bridal show? Seems a bit too good to be true, and I don't want to get scammed into buying more junk or anything like that.


  • K
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    Kelly ·
    Sorry didn't copy the link right
  • A
    Dedicated March 2019
    Andrea ·

    There are fees associated with all of the prizes, to me, more than the prizes were worth. The trips have a zillion blackouts and restrictions and you have to pay fees and for airfare. A couple of nights in a hotel wasn't worth it to us. Then they try to sell you pots and pans for $2000-$3000 and if you don't buy, they leave you waiting until everyone else is finished before they give you your "prizes". It was not 90 minutes, it was closer to 3 hours of high pressure sales and being left sitting to claim our prizes. We left without them and will not give out our information at those shows again.

  • Leah
    Dedicated April 2019
    Leah ·
    I haven't looked into all the info about the prizes but my FH and I did sit through the meeting where they try to sell you pots and knives. It was definitely long but we didn't buy anything (although my FH was extremely close to buying). You don't have to buy to claim your gifts but there are fees for each prize. For the smaller gifts you pay s&h and for anything extra you want. For the trip I'm sure there are some catches but what I do know is you do have to pay airfare, transportation, and the resort feesand taxes for the time of your stay. We were there with 2 other couples and one ended up buying so the pressure wasn't as bad. They tried to bribe a buy with another opportunity to travel to pretty much anywhere in the world (same fees attached) for 7 days I believe but again you have to buy the packages they offer for the pots same day. FH and I took it as we can gift it to someone if we don't find it worth it in the end but just to keep it for now just in case.
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    Shannon ·
    I won a similar thing... different company and read online they really pressure you to buy something and read that some people did get their gifts after sitting through a 3 hour cooking presentation but couldnt find anyone who actually used the honeymoon. I didnt go because the only option they gave was the 3 hour cooking show starting at 8pm on a wednesday night. Since then I have “won” 4 or 5 more times so I dont think its worth going for us.
  • Chris
    Master February 2022
    Chris ·

    Hey, Kelly! The red flags are sprouting up for me as I read through the website. With an outdated web page and something that sounds too good to be true...I would steer clear Out of curiosity, what did you "win" from them?

  • J
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    Janelle ·

    Hi! I just got a call from them as well. The caller seemed hesitant to give me her number but did with her name and extension. She was calling from NYC. She stated that the cooking show was tomorrow at 7:30pm and "they fill up quickly". It all seems too good to be true to me. A gift card for 2 wedding bands, 3 day 2 night all inclusive stay, and gift certificate for toasting glasses... I have a feeling going to this would just be painful and not worth it. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Kristen
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    Kristen ·
    We had a wedding expo at the civic center here in Houma, LA.
    I signed up thinking it was just a bridal gift basket or something. But they were texting me saying I won all kind of stuff. Like free nights to hotels in different places to choose from, $600 gift card for wedding bands. Which my wedding is already 7 weeks away, and we have all these things figured out already and says they have other options to choose from.
    They want us to meet them in Harahan (about 1 hour away) to claim our prize, but I’m really sketchy of it.

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