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Postponing again... trying to make the best of it.

Renay, on June 5, 2020 at 4:17 PM Posted in Community Conversations 1 3

In March we had to postpone our big wedding celebration to June 27th. 3+ months seemed reasonable to us and our new venue, but unfortunately this hit worse than we hoped. Our state hit phase 3 last week, which allows for outdoor dining so our venue ( a winery) reopened. I delayed calling them all week because I knew that we would probably be rescheduling again due to space and group limitations. Well the coordinator called 2 nights ago and laid out our options. We could have any available date next year at no extra cost (which is only $250 because we lost our original venue due to covid and the winery reached out with the discounted offer to help), OR we could continue the June 27th wedding under guidelines. The guidelines mean that all tables would have to be 6 feet apart and only seat 6, the meal could no longer be buffet, and only our first dance and parent dances are allowed. The seating arrangement alone would force our guest list down to 96 from roughly 275.

We were lucky enough to be able to get legally married on our original date in a small ceremony, so we really are just waiting on the big event to include everyone. We have several bridal party members who have already purchased their outfits, a ring bearer and 2 flower girls who are heartbroken and don't understand, not to mention tons of friends and family who really want to celebrate with us, plus we still REALLY want the whole experience. Even though I was really upset and had doubts that another wedding a year from now is worth it, we have decided to pick a date next summer and do a vow renewal and reception. I am frustrated because we have been wedding planning for 3.5 years and I just feel like people are going to get tired of the thought of this wedding and just not want to come. But DH and some great friends made me feel better, and now I am trying to make the best of it.

I have gained a lot of weight in the last 5 years ( like upwards of 100lbs) due to some mental health issues as well as physical health problems. I was talking to my sister last night about my sprained ankle/torn ligament and how it hurts so much more than when I broke 3 bones in my foot a few years ago, and that its because it is supporting so much more weight. I told her as soon as I am healed up, I am going to get back to walking, and I have already started to watch my meal portions and snacking. She made the joke that with the next wedding being over a year out, I may not fit in my dress, and I told her that would just be an excuse to by another. So now I am using that as a motivation to lose weight and keep it off Smiley smile

Any one else having a later big celebration? How are you motivating yourself to make it through another year of waiting/planning?


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  • Hillary
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    We were also able to get married on our original date in April. We had originally postponed our big wedding to September but after realizing we’ll probably have to cut down our guest list A LOT (originally invited 350), wear masks, not be able to dance, etc., we decided to postpone again to next year. So now our new date is October 1st 2021. Thankfully people are still really excited....a few bridesmaids actually want to get new dresses (they all got to pick whatever dress they wanted in a certain color scheme). Since we originally postponed about a month before the wedding, we had everything done so at this point we really don’t have anything to plan. I will change up my accessories for the new date though since I wore the originals when we got married. I didn’t wear my wedding dress because it was in the middle of alterations so I ended up wearing my rehearsal dinner dress. So now we’re just enjoying married life and cruising on til next year. But I also want to lose some weight before then so I’ll have to figure that out with the bridal shop and see if I can finish the alterations closer to the new date.
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    Our originally date was In April and we had to cancel a month out and we got married in an intimate family only wedding on March 30th, the day our state went into lockdown. We postponed to June 8....3 days from now. But we had to cancel because our state restrictions are 25 in a group outside and 10 inside. They said wedding ceremonies could have as many people as we want... but the reception would have to be 25people. No thank you! The whole point in us postponing was to have everyone there. So we cancelled. Lost all our money for the venue. We could’ve rescheduled for next year but we don’t know if that’ll work because of a lot of personal reasons. So right now it’s indefinitely postponed 😔 I am thankful we are legally married though. Just so hard having your dream wedding taken from you over and over
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  • Rebecca
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    I know it's disappointing, but I love your new plan.

    It is important to you to have your special people and the big celebration, so as hard as it is... this is going to let you do that.

    Focus on healing your foot, and your mind, as much as possible, and let the big celebration mean so much more.

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