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Toni, on September 19, 2019 at 5:33 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 3
I was debating having popcorn at the snack bar at my wedding, what kind of popcorn do I use? Do I buy it premade from somewhere? If not, How do I keep it fresh tasting? My wedding is in January so I have considered buying a couple of those tins of popcorn that have 3 kinds in them and using those. Thoughts?


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  • MaryEllen
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    We bought popcorn from a movie theater and had flavored toppings. Our DOC put it out after dessert. We used galvanized buckets for the popcorn and mason jars for candy toppings and shakers for the popcorn flavors. We had popcorn bags and water bottles on the table to help absorb some of the alcohol before people went home.
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  • Kelsi
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    We’re buying a bulk bag already popped and having a seasoning station!
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  • Sinéad
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    Hey Toni! I love the sound of a popcorn station!!! Popcorn is my favorite snack so I’m a little biased!

    As long as the popcorn has been popped that day, I’m sure it will be fine. Alternatively, you could buy large bags of already popped popcorn and then just divide them out into dishes for your popcorn table once the time comes.

    What is your favorite popcorn topping?

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