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Planning Pro Con Pro!

Lynnie, on May 17, 2019 at 10:57 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 17
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Happy Friday!!! Smiley star Let's keep things fun and share a quick pro, con, and pro from your wedding planning this week! (Or if you have any wedding plans this weekend!)

Did you cross something major off your checklist? Find an inspiration pic you're obsessing over? Share a planning high, vent your low, and end on a high note!

Planning Pro Con Pro! 1


  • Jessica
    VIP June 2020
    Jessica ·
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    High: I bought my hair extensions this week and am getting them shaped tomorrow and wearing them to a banquet to see how the do! Also had a good talk with my MOH about planning!

    Low: Not really too much wedding related going on right now, just working on some DIY projects.

    Also it has been raining for what feels like forever here in NY so I'm really annoyed I cannot get any spray painting done on my projects!

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  • Lynnie
    WeddingWire Administrator October 2016
    Lynnie ·
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    I'm in wedding guest mode, so here are my current highlights!

    Pro: We've got a few really fun weddings this year!! I'm excited to see friends we haven't seen since the last round of weddings and travel to some gorgeous locations!

    Con: I'm just now realizing that those weddings aren't that far away! The first one is in August in Ireland - I need to get on booking flights ASAP! Yikes!!

    Pro: Summer wedding inspo everywhere! I can't get enough of the bright colors and tropical touches! Smiley heart

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  • Mandi
    Master October 2020
    Mandi ·
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    I'm on a bit of a wedding planning pause. Don't want to get to burnt out. I have a lot of stuff going on at the moment.

    Pro: WE [HOPEFULLY] CLOSE ON OUR HOUSE NEXT WEEK! And we found out our closing cash needs are a few thousand less than originally estimated. So we can use that extra cash for furniture/wedding/honeymoon expenses.

    Con: Grandma is going to the nursing home and this seems like it could be an interesting nightmare.

    Pro: In less than a week, I will own a home and have a dedicated area in it for wedding projects. And I'm pumped.
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  • Amanda
    Master December 2020
    Amanda ·
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    Pro: Started my vision board
    Con: Tried to print the photos to add on it and couldn't get into my google account because I can't remember the password and it didn't recognize my device DX sk an hour waisted just there
    Pro: We picked our wedding std and invitation template/made mock versions!
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  • Lauren
    Rockstar February 2020
    Lauren ·
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    High: I got my hair & makeup artist booked this week!
    Low: Found out some family I thought for sure would be at my wedding won’t be because of their busy season at work.
    High: We only have 2 more vendors (cake and ceremony music) to book, and we’ll have all the major vendors reserved!
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  • Danielle K
    VIP June 2019
    Danielle K ·
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    Oh this weekend will be crazy awesome!

    PRO: buying wedding day makeup, doing hair and makeup trial, and finishing DIY and seating chart

    CON: Paying for the last of it (ouch!)

    PRO: checking off literally everything from checklist except pic up dress, pic up tux, and get married

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  • Emily
    Super April 2020
    Emily ·
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    Pro: I know this might cause stress for some, but me and my bff (she's my MOH and I'm hers) are getting married six months apart. She's in October of this year and I'm April 2020. It's been so fun planning our weddings together, and splitting some costs (we split candle votives and we'll each use them in our centerpieces). They're two totally different weddings with different styles and it's great to bounce ideas and VENT because we're both going through it at the same time.

    Con: My FH and I attended a wedding this past weekend and I wore fake eyelashes and they were so uncomfortable I'm not sure I'll wear them the day of the wedding. Maybe I just need a bit more practice to get used to them.

    Pro: I created a rough draft for our invitations!

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  • Gen
    Champion June 2019
    Gen ·
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    High: my mom last-minute-ly decided there were a few things that were really important to her to have at the wedding... things that would have been really nice to have to begin with, but I wasn't able to have the budget for. But since they are things she really wants, she offered to pay for it! She's getting me a bouquet (I was going to just make my own), and she's hiring her friend to play the acoustic guitar for our cocktail hour and during lunch!

    Low: we are still waiting on ONE person to RSVP... she's a friend I've known since I was 5 but we are not super close anymore. She actually wasn't on my original list, but then right before we sent the invitations I felt like I really should invite her, so I did. Now super regretting that, because she is the ONLY person to not respond, and we are 16 days away! We have to submit the seating chart next weekend, so I HAVE to do it this weekend or else I won't have enough time to do it. And whether or not she comes actually changes the table arrangements a lot. I already reached out to her earlier in the week and told her we needed to know by Friday... she said she'd let me know, but I've heard nothing from her (meanwhile she's been super active on social media all week -.-) so I sent her a text this morning saying that I'm sorry she won't be able to make it! Done and done Smiley tongue

    High: we applied for our marriage license this morning!!

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  • Madison
    Devoted October 2020
    Madison ·
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    High: we got the food and bar booked, found a dj, I’m looking at a dress on Sunday and hopefully (with no expectations though) will find the one.

    Low: we are doing things very differently and finding different styles of old chairs for the ceremony and reception, old vintage chairs, rocking chairs, captain chair etc. lol I have about 50 and more coming as I find them but slowly but surely running out of room at my moms house I’m her giant storage unit. I told think she realized how much of a what I say I’ll do I’ll do and she thought it would take me awhile to find all of them. I’m only like a month in and over half way done 😂 not that big of a deal just something to figure out
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  • Samantha
    Super August 2019
    Samantha ·
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    Pro: Purchasing ceremony and reception personal items and keepsakes (cake toppers, kiddush cup, smash glasses, lingerie, etc) including ketubah! Had our counseling session with the Rabbi, he’s very happy and we’re very happy. Most of my to do is done with only about a handful of little things to acquire or finalize. Scheduled a time with Rabbi to go over the flow of our ceremony next month, finalized our custom 7 blessings. Cake is finalized with a surprise grooms cake I could afford to add after her quote came WELL under my budget.

    Con: Thought I had a last ditch effort option to get a photographer- $300 for 3 hours of the most important coverage “first look, formals/family and ceremony” , brought it up to fiancé and he instantly shut it down. Sad. It’s causing me the greatest anxiety that our beautiful wedding won’t be captured in pictures.

    Why are tallits so expensive?!
    And venue manager still hasn’t contacted me since January!!! Contract isn’t signed and deposit hasn’t been made and this stresses me out.

    Pro: At least we have a videographer, his one and only ask the entire planning process so I didn’t want to ask him to forgo that for me wanting a photographer. Supposedly we can procure stills from the 4K video - my post wedding project!

    I have an email from him saying our date is secured. So I have something in writing confirming the venue, better than nothing.
    Also pro. We signed off on a new house!!!! Moving June 1 to the countryside, can’t wait for the fresh air.
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  • Nykole
    Expert October 2019
    Nykole ·
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    Pro: We booked our baker for our wedding cake and got to try some delicious cakes!

    Con: Less than five months left, but I’m ready for the day to be here NOW! Lol.

    Pro: We booked a wonderful officiant and I got to read the first draft for our ceremony last night, which was perfect.
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  • Sexypoodle
    VIP October 2020
    Sexypoodle ·
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    PRO: On Monday, we decided on our venue and wedding date (after last weekend’s Las Vegas hotel tours).

    CON: Our date is available but the hotel uses a 1-year window. So we have to wait 5 months before we can begin the booking process. Sucks because we were ready to pay (plus that also delays us from booking certain other vendors. But it’s no biggie!)

    PRO: 1.) We love the venue for it’s unexpected and non-traditional style 2.) I excitedly changed about 75% of the wedding ideas I initially came up with, solely based on the decor, style and vibe of our selected venue 3.) We will need very little additional decor, as to not take away from the venue’s design.
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  • Tonia
    Expert October 2019
    Tonia ·
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    Pro: We booked our officiant and for way less than I budgeted for. My wedding planner is amazing and has been helping with things I can't get to during the day (booking engagement session, booking florists appointment)

    Con: I am having the hardest time picking invitations, but I need to get it done soon. We have a lot of OOT guests and I want to get them in the mail next month.

    Pro: I think I lost 5 lbs! Haven't checked yet. I don't really like the scale because I get obsessed with it. My clothes fit looser so I'm going by that.

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  • Caitlin
    Dedicated November 2019
    Caitlin ·
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    Pro: We just paid the first half for the cake last night. Yay one less thing as finding a baker was stressing me out.

    Con: Save the Dates are going out on Monday and i'm still waiting on some addresses. I've been delaying sending them out the past 2 weeks. Seems early to send them but my whole family is coming from out of country.

    Pro: Just booked the date to meet with our photographer in June. We are going over a tentative plan, a day for her to visit the venue to scout out locations and sign the contract.

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  • Lex
    VIP September 2019
    Lex ·
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    Pro: we just got invites in the mail! It all feels so real!
    Cons: that’s literally the only thing we’ve done this month and there’s still sooooo much to do!
    Pro: we leave for vacation in two weeks and I definitely need that break, plus we get to do all the pre wedding fun with everyone!
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  • Sara
    Expert June 2019
    Sara ·
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    Pro: I finished 95% of the DIY ceremony, timeline, and music selections yesterday!

    Con: Communication breakdowns with literally every vendor! Can't get the caterer on the phone, can't get the venue director to deposit the final balance check, can't get the photographer to tell me if he has a last-minute add-on videographer available!

    Pro: Tomorrow we're buying our wedding rings!

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  • Sarah
    Expert September 2019
    Sarah ·
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    Pro: tomorrow my wedding party (who is mostly out of town) is getting together for a "meet & greet" in the evening and in the morning my girls and I are going dress shopping for their dresses!
    Con: last night into today I came down with a horrible stomach bug.
    Con par 2: because of being ill, I called in sick to work (I work with little kiddos and if I'm this icky they don't need to catch this from me). My boss chewed me out for "being sick in such an inconvenient time" and warned that I better not be playing hooky. (I'm the type of person that Never calls in sick! Even when I am, I take dayquil and tough it out.)
    Pro: my FH and My MOH have been Awesome! Stepping up/ taking over to get ready for this weekend. FH taking care of me (putting on his bossypants to make sure I take it easy!) I couldn't ask for better people.
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