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Pink wedding ceremony dress?

Ally, on August 12, 2020 at 11:18 AM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 7
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Hey ladies! I’m getting married in church in a few months, but having my reception next year and wearing my wedding dress for the reception.
Is it okay to wear a pink dress for my small Catholic Church wedding ceremony?
Or should I stick with a white dress?


Latest activity by Tré, on October 14, 2020 at 4:53 PM
  • Margaret
    Rockstar October 2020
    Margaret ·
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    I would check with the church to see if they have any mandatory requirements. They may require a wedding gown.

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  • L
    Rockstar July 2022
    Lisa Online ·
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    I agree with Margaret - check with the church first. If they don't have any requirements about a specific gown, you can definitely wear a pink dress!
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  • Molly
    Rockstar September 2020
    Molly ·
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    I believe it would be fine I didn't know a church would have an issue with a dress color. I think it is your wedding and your choice.

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  • Jana
    Rockstar October 2022
    Jana ·
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    If you want pink then go for it. Check with the church to see what restrictions if any you have for the dress. Usually they just want you to be dressed modestly and don't care about the color.
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  • Super August 2020
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    I don't know if your specific church would have any issues with this, but I've been to a Catholic wedding where the bride wore a pink dress, so it's definitely possible! It was a pretty light shade, but it was unquestionably pink.

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  • Lynnie
    WeddingWire Administrator October 2016
    Lynnie ·
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    Go for it Ally!! 💕

    The only church attire guidelines I've ever heard of are modesty related (things like adding a shawl or topper to cover shoulders or plunging necklines)!

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  • Tré
    Just Said Yes October 2021
    Tré ·
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    I’d like to wear a pink dress too! Have you found one you like?
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