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Pic heavy pro Bam!!!

Nyikee, on February 25, 2020 at 3:48 AM Posted in Married Life 0 17
It's crazy that it's already been 3 weeks! Best day ever!!!!

Our vendors:
Cake: Rose Hill CakesDresses: David's bridalTux rentals: menswearhouse Photography: Under the Lens photography by Oliva Venue, catering, dj, flowers, and day of coordination: imperial design hall Hair and makeup: kiss this beauty (suewella was my artist)
I think that's everything...
Our food was pork loin with mushroom demi glaze and chicken linguini carbonara, with sides of mashed potatoes, baked mac n cheese, and an italian spinach pasta salad. Or cake was 4 flavors- red velvet with cream cheese icing and filling, chocolate with buttercream frosting and raspberry with a dash of lemon zest filling, almond with lemon curd and strawberry filling and buttercream frosting, and lemon cake with strawberry filling and buttercream and Fondant.
We had a total of 80 people show up, with our final count being 90, having 10 noshows wasn't bad.
We had an open bar, provided by the venue, who did so much.
The day was a little hectic. Between putting bridesmaids and groomsmen to work on the last minute favors (peach tea with rock sugar), to my hubby not being able to find the marriage license(at one point he texted me saying "i tore it up" and referring to the bedroom, but me not realizing it, i thought he meant he tore up the marriage license, and i had a small anxiety attack. But once he clarified, it was all better), to being rushed after hair and makeup.... in the end it was amazing.
I started my day with 3 McDonald's fruit and yogurt parfaits and an iced caramel macchiato. I only ate 2 parfaits. When we got to the venue (my sister and i and another bm) suewella started hair and makeup on BM katie, i put people to work on favors, my sister did her makeup and Danielle's makeup, i texted DH about the marriage license, found out he had to cut his hair (it had been severely tangled) the night before, found out i grabbed the wrong laptop, so i had to redo the music/wedding itinerary while my hair was being done. At that point i was almost completely done with my hair, and i was starting to be rushed. I yelled at my matron of honor that that needed done first before i got dressed, then finished that, kicked everyone but my mom and sister and Matron of honor out of the room, got dressed, did a quick first look with my dad, who is a character and joked about not wanting to turn around yet. When he did it was the best because he did a double take. Made the rushing worth it. Then, we had the ceremony, my mom walked me down the isle and i married my best friend. All the stress that day was worth marrying him. Our reception was super fun and i got super drunk.

Advice: take a moment before the wedding once youre all dressed and breathe. Everything that ever happened came together for the best day of your life so far, and you deserve a moment to relax and breathe.Also, of course, if something goes wrong, it will be okay. I mean, i almost didn't have my marriage license and it ended up okay.
Okay, now for photos!
Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 1grandparents in law, my grandma would have walked but she has a walker and someone sat her down because we had to wait so long for me.Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 2
Mom in law annd DH .Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 3
Best man and brother in law tyler
Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 4
Best man and brother in law tyrellPic heavy pro Bam!!! 5
Our fabulous double agent Queen Raine. Both groomsman and bridesmaid. So helpful that day, was there when we got engaged.Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 6
Matron of honor and my bestie/wifey destiny
Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 7
Maid of honor and little sister Samantha. Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 8
Bridesmaid and sister in law Alexis Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 9
Ring bearer jacobPic heavy pro Bam!!! 10
Flower girls Mary (12) and Loreli (1.5)Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 11
Me and momPic heavy pro Bam!!! 12
Sand ceremony Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 13
Right before the kissPic heavy pro Bam!!! 14
Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 15
Tyler and sam having fun on their exit.Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 16
MomsPic heavy pro Bam!!! 17
Miller and Osmarie Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 18
Danielle and NatePic heavy pro Bam!!! 19
Katie and Andy H. (Married)Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 20
Kristy and Andy N. (Married)Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 21
Mary and JacobPic heavy pro Bam!!! 22
Dad and stepmomPic heavy pro Bam!!! 23
Grandparents and loreliPic heavy pro Bam!!! 24
FABU RainePic heavy pro Bam!!! 25
My bustlePic heavy pro Bam!!! 26
My details Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 27
After cake Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 28
Our cool cakePic heavy pro Bam!!! 29
First dancePic heavy pro Bam!!! 30
Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 31
Mother son dance with gram. The asked me to join. Then grandpa and loreli joined. It was great.Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 32
Father daughter dance. Dad cried, like 3 times during the dance. Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 33she caught the bouquet, i tossed her flowers lol.
Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 34
At the end of the night, me and my sister.Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 35
All of my girls Smiley heart.Pic heavy pro Bam!!! 36
My favorite picture.
If you would like to see more, go to www.manymumblingmice.com/aziz


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    Congrats on your big day.
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    Aw, this looks like a great wedding! Congratulations!!

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    O Wowwwww

    congratulations on your big day

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    Thanks for sharing, everyone looks so happy! Great cake! I love your details, what a great idea for a photo. I'm going to start planning mine now!!
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    Congratulations! You look very happy!
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    Congrats! You look so happy! I love your cake!!

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    Congratulations Smiley ring

    Everything looked wonderful!!!

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    Thanks for sharing! I love looking at wedding photos. Your colors and details and cake and everything look so great! Everyone looks so happy. Congrats!
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    Congrats, I remember you posting your tiara from your hair trial. You look great, and that cake looks awesome!

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    Congratulations. That cake looks so cool!

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    Congrats! I love the colors and you looked beautiful.

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    Congrats, you look beautiful! Love the cake!

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    Congrats love the ladies dress color!

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    Very beautiful!

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    Congratulations! Everything looked wonderful. Those cakes...oh my!

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