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Photo Booth Alternatives

Tay, on July 12, 2018 at 4:14 PM Posted in Planning 0 7
So we realllyyyyy wanted a photo booth but finding it’s not feasible considering our budget. Does anyone have any alternative suggestions for this? We’re considering setting up a station for my Polaroid camera but I wanted to explore other options too! Any and all ideas welcome Smiley smile


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    That's an awesome idea of setting up a station with your Polaroid! Just add props and a backdrop. I would be very cautious about that though.. Some people aren't as careful when it comes to other's belongings. Especially when alcohol is involved. We have a couple of old, rustic distressed doors that we're going to set up in a corner with props and probably a banner with our hashtag on it so people can get that "photobooth" feeling, but use their phones. We thought about supplying cameras, but trying to save money where we can.

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    We are using a Polaroid camera for the guest book but also providing a backdrop and some dry erase signs for people to use too with their phones as more of a photo booth. I got a stand and some curtains off of table factory and I think the cost was 50 bucks. Then two signs from amazon for about 20. I’ve also seen custom printed backdrops on Etsy that you could hang on a stand. I think he big expense with the Polaroid is the film. Stuffs not cheap!
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    I am purchasing a backdrop and props off of etsy, and a backdrop stand, tablet stand, and photography style bright light with stand off of amazon. We are going to use a photobooth app that guests will use themselves and then can upload onto a server for us, as well as upload onto their own social media if they like. Total price $180

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    Hi, Tay! Welcome to WeddingWire!

    This is such a fun idea and you can definitely DIY some inexpensive backdrops (think cheap shower curtain stapled to a wooden or PVC frame) and props!

    Here are a couple of ideas from Pinterest Smiley heart

    Photo Booth Alternatives 1Photo Booth Alternatives 2

    Photo Booth Alternatives 3

    Any colors or themes in mind?

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    • There is actually a business in Seattle that does photo booth Polaroids! They don't even use the instax cameras!!! The photos are printed onto the film and then you also get a digital album for all the photos! Check out Hidden Picture Polaroids in Seattle I hired them for my daughter's sweet 16 a couple years ago and they did great job!!!!! The girl that owns the company is a family friend so if you want more information I can probably help you out!
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    You can buy a backdrop and stand kit from amazon for around $30 and just do a selfie station.

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  • Dee
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    Groupon. Groupon always has photobooth deals
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