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Passport Question

Courtney, on August 17, 2019 at 9:51 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 7
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Good evening ladies,

I have a question about a passport. My FH and I have never been out of the country and are seriously considering it for our honeymoon now. With that being said, I really don't know where to start with passports.

Are birth certificates required to obtain a passport? This will be my second marriage and I never changed my name back from my first so will that be a problem? Do you do all of this online or do you go to the post office? I've read where it takes 8 weeks to come in. Is this correct?

Thank you!!!


  • Soon2BSmith
    Expert October 2020

    Yes, birth certificates are required. If you plan on changing your name, may want to do it prior to getting your passport. If you don't, you will have to pay a change name fee.

    I went to the post office and they check over my application and then took my photo. It took a little less than 8 weeks for me, but my sister's took exactly 8 weeks.

  • R
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    Do not let the name change discourage you! If your name changes within 12 months of the date your current passport was issued, you can apply for a name change and new passport for free (less the cost to mail in your name change form and docs). For your first passport, I believe you still go in person to submit. When you renew or do the name change, you do it by mail.

    Honeymoon is a great reason to travel outside of the country. As long as you have enough time between now and your travel date, go ahead and get the passport and see the world! 馃槉
  • Emily
    Just Said Yes October 2020
    As a side note, you can get 2 types of passports: a card is cheaper but you CANNOT board a plane- you would need the other, more common "book" passport. We went to the post office, and it took about 6 and a half weeks. I don't know if rules vary by state, but I had to bring a driver's licence, birth certificate, and mail that had my address on it.
  • 2d Bride
    Master October 2009
    2d Bride

    You'll need your birth certificate, and your first marriage certificate to show your name change. The other things you'll need are shown at this link:


    If you've never had a passport before, you'll need to go in person. You can find a list of places to go at:


  • STBMrsMartin
    Dedicated October 2019
    As a passport agent myself I can tell you yes you need your original birth certificate to apply. My office is a acceptance facility we do about 83 a day on a walk in basis. As the bride above said, don鈥檛 let the name change discourage you, go ahead and get it early it鈥檚 cheaper. $110 for a new if you have to rush it鈥檚 2-3 weeks and $186.48 with the postage fees overnighted or $170 without. But after you return from your honeymoon, as long as your ID and social match your new name you can submit your certified copy of your ML with the 鈥渘ame change鈥 form for free within the first year issuance of your first passport. If you mail and they receive it later than a day after the issuance you will have to repay.
  • STBMrsMartin
    Dedicated October 2019
    Also none of this can be done online btw, for a new passport you must come to an agent which can be found at 鈥渟ome鈥 post offices, not all do them...or you can look for passport facilities aka a place like where I work (local clerk of court) . They have to be submitted a certain way. However the name change form or renewal is only done via mail unless you are in a rush and you make an appt with one of the 27 locations for the US Dept of State. Happy traveling 鉂わ笍
  • Lisa
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    Also note your Birth certificate MUST have a raised seal. My original did not and I got a letter in the mail. I had to go to my local vital office and get a new original BC with a raised seal. I sent that in and got my passport within a week.

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