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Out of State Bach Party?

Emily, on January 13, 2021 at 7:41 PM Posted in Parties and Events 0 8
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My wedding is going to be in June 2022, with the bach party most likely being April/May 2022, so hopefully most of the COVID issues will be history by then!

I want some opinions about a bach party location. I have always wanted my bach party to be a destination weekend. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and almost all of my friends live out of state, but on the east coast. I've been loving the idea of doing a weekend in Scottsdale, AZ. Is this too far for a bach weekend or should I tell my MOH to go with my other ideal location of New Orleans? TIA!

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Latest activity by Amanda, on January 15, 2021 at 8:16 AM
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    Veronica ·
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    You have plenty of time before the location of your bachelorette party needs to be decided on. I would see closer to the wedding what the state of the world is before committing to any location.

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  • Katie
    Super August 2020
    Katie Online ·
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    Yay Pittsburgh!! That’s where I am too! Scottsdale sounds amazing!! If your crowd likes spas during the day, I hear they have good resorts for that! ❤️
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  • Stacey
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    Stacey Online ·
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    I think this is really a “know your crowd” thing. If your vision is that your whole bridal party joins you for the weekend, it’s a decision that probably needs to be discussed and decided as a group. Maybe it’s easily done with your crowd, in which case it sounds fun! But, if you position it as “we’re going to X,” be prepared for some people to not be able to make it, or not be able to afford it, or have conflicting plans, etc. It’s an awfully big expense to ask of them, in addition to the dress, hair/makeup, shoes, gift, bridal shower, time off from work etc. Again, maybe it’s not a big deal financially or schedule wise for them, but make sure you get that all on the table upfront so there are no hurt feelings or misunderstandings later on.

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  • T
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    Tiger Bride ·
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    If this were me, I'd try to plan the weekend in an area that was most convenient for most of the girls, and save the AZ trip for you and your FH. To me a destination bach is a big ask.
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  • Hannah
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    Hannah ·
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    I agree with this advice. This is so dependent on your group. I would maybe ask one of your closest friends, like your MOH, to see what she thinks about it. Also, I'm not sure if your MOH has asked you specifically what you wanted, but I would also hold off saying anything until/unless they ask since it can be considered rude and pushy to stipulate how you want a party thrown in your honor to go.
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  • Ane
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    Ane ·
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    I am also a summer 2022 bride interested in a destination weekend for my bachelorette! We do have some time to plan but it’s still fun to start thinking about it (and hoping we even get to start traveling again by then :/)! I think both Scottsdale and New Orleans sound like fun options! Like you, I also have been trying to determine what is “too far” for a long weekend from the east coast (NYC). Ideally for me, the destination would not be too costly or difficult to fly into and would have access to both party/bar and pool or beach activities (and possibly somewhere I haven’t been yet). I planned my best friend’s bachelorette in New Orleans 2 years ago and it was absolutely perfect!: cheap to fly into in September, flight time was less than 3 hours, we had access to a pool in a country club, booked a very modern and cheap Airbnb house, and had lots to do in terms of restaurants/bars/pole dance class/parks! I probably would’ve hosted my bachelorette there if we hadn’t celebrated hers there. Funny enough, I had planned my 30th birthday weekend in Phoenix and Scottsdale this year but had to cancel because of Covid! So I am sure that’s also a fun option though the flight time is longer. Some options I’m thinking about include Charleston, SC (cheap, short flight), Miami or Key West (beach & cheap flights— though I’ve been to Miami many times so perhaps somewhere else in that area like Key West), and Las Vegas (flight is a lot longer than I would like but I’ve never been and feel like this would be the time to go since it would be fun for a group trip). Though technically outside of the states, I would also perhaps consider Montreal or Puerto Rico since they are easy to fly into from the east coast.

    Of course there are dozens of bachelorette destination articles online, but would love to hear about personal experiences/plans from other wedding wire brides!
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  • Shelly
    Rockstar January 2022
    Shelly ·
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    I think this really depends on the group going and the individuals' personality! If they like to party and go out to drink more, then I think New Orleans would have a better atmosphere! I feel like Arizona is a better location for those that like the outdoors and nature, but I'm not an expert on either location lol!

    You could always ask for everyone's opinion? That's what my MOH is doing for my bach trip! It's just nice asking what everyone feels comfortable spending because you also have to look at what they'll be spending on your wedding outside of the bach trip.

    Both are great options though! I would just ask everyone what they think!

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  • Amanda
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    Amanda ·
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    There are so many people who have been out of work for so long during this pandemic. It will take some people years to financially recover and asking them to travel across the country on top of the expenses of being involved in the wedding might be too much. I would have an open conversation with your MOH or whoever is actually planning your party.

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