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Ordering linen napkins -- what size?

starsinwaves, on July 3, 2018 at 1:04 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 9
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So I feel like a crazy person for even asking this, but I'm looking into ordering linen napkins for the wedding and there seem to be two popular size options, 17"x17" and 20"x20". The 20" ones are roughly double the price. Eyeballing it out, 17" seems big enough but it's hard to tell. Does anyone know if these are good enough or if I should pay extra for the 20"?


  • muriel
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    muriel ·

    The standard for dinner napkins is 20x20". The smaller ones are luncheon napkins.

    What site are you using? What color and fabric are you wanting?

    On the polyester 17" napkins are $3.34 per dozen while the 20" are $6.22 per dozen. Even though they are almost double the price, they are so inexpensive that it's almost insignificant.

  • starsinwaves
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    starsinwaves ·

    This site seems to have the best deal, though I have a few other options saved as well.

    Just looking for basic polyester napkins in eggplant/plum. If the standard is 20", I'll just go ahead and get those.

  • FutureMrsKC
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    FutureMrsKC ·

    I ordered the 17" from and honestly I think the size is perfect. I sat down and put one on my lap and it totally covered my lap. Also, at the wedding who is going to really sit there and think "wow I can totally tell these aren't 20"....."

    I ordered basic white polyester napkins as well as white table cloths because I wanted everything to be simple and not too much color. We are using a lot of greenery to contrast the white. I'm perfectly happy with my choice, and I highly doubt my guests will know or care about the measurements of the napkin they will be using for an hour at most.

  • starsinwaves
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    starsinwaves ·
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    Oh yeah, I'm just concerned that for some larger guests, the smaller ones may not cover their laps. I doubt 90% of the guests will notice or care.

  • Summer987
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    Summer987 ·
    I ordered the 17" from and they were big enough.
  • sharada
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    sharada · has it for 2.49 for 20x20. Very good service. I got my chair covers, sashes, napkins, table runners and mirrors for the center pieces all for $389 for 200 people. Check that place out.

  • Samantha
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    Samantha ·
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    Love! I was on the fence too with the size. Which did you end up choosing?

  • K
    September 2019
    Kay ·
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    Did you rent tablecloths from They are having a 50% off 4th of July sale right now. I'm wondering if they are quality fabric for such a low rental price.

  • Y
    September 2019
    Your-Majesty, ·
    While it may be too late for @starsinwaves, I want to share what William L Hamilton wrote in the Wall Street Journal:“To be presented with a super-scaled napkin is to tell me that my host, whether publicly or privately, has eaten well, traveled extensively, knows what they're doing and cares about me.“
    It would be tacky to use 17” luncheon napkins at an evening event of such importance. I’m not the only one who would notice a skimpy napkin.

    20” is the bare minimum for dinner and 22” and upwards is appropriate for a banquet.

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