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nyc brides - where to get dress

Anonnn, on February 13, 2019 at 2:02 PM Posted in New York Planning 1 16
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Where did you get your wedding dress?
I want something beautiful but Kleinfelds is out of my budget


  • Concetta
    Expert March 2020
    Concetta ·

    Hi, I am not sure where you are located or if you drive, but I found my dress at May Bliss in Rockville Center and I LOVED her!!! she was so patient and a gem. She will also give your bridesmaids and mom/auntie a discount on their gown. I also went to Monica's bridal in Brooklyn and they were nice and affordable. My sister in law went to RK in Manhattan and they were budget friendly as well happy hunting!

  • Anonnn
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    Anonnn ·
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    Thanks! I’m in Brooklyn! RK bridal is actually at the top of my list right now so it’s good to here they’re budget friendly.
  • Concetta
    Expert March 2020
    Concetta ·
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    Yaaaas gal they were great for her to work with! Congratulations
  • Iva
    Super September 2019
    Iva ·
    What’s your budget?
    BHLDN has some pretty, modern gowns in $1,000 range.
    Anomalie is an online wedding dress company that custom designs dresses for $1,400 or so depending on your design.
    Did you look up trunk shows & sample sales for Kleinfeld in Manhattan but also at their NJ location? They usually have large selection of discounted gowns.
    Good luck!
  • D
    Just Said Yes September 2019
    Dawn ·
    You can try Lovely Bride in Soho. They start at $1500, not on sale. They also hold trunk sales. I bought mine at David's Bridal believe it or not and it's a beautiful sheath dress with little beading by vera wang. David's bridal has stepped up their game so I suggest you try them first! I got my dress for $460 on sale! With alterations I will end up paying around $700 all together.
  • Crystal
    Dedicated May 2019
    Crystal ·
    RK BRIDAL is where I said yes, Paisley Bridal in Queens was also a great experience
  • Elise
    September 2019
    Elise ·

    Hi Marinalynn, I have to recommend Karen Willis Holmes as it was the BEST bridal boutique I went to out of at least 6 other stores, including Kleinfelds. I also loved all of the dresses there, and Stephanie was an absolute dream to work with. She really made it fun and did not put the pressure on at all.

    I didn't have a great experience at Lovely Bride, but they do have some nice, trendy styles at more affordable prices.

  • Mrs. Juliana
    Dedicated August 2019
    Mrs. Juliana ·
    I went to RK Bridal and I highly recommend it. Let me warn you. They don’t take reservations. So if you don’t get there early you might have to wait. I was lucky that I went on a Saturday afternoon and walked right in. No wait! Sheryl was God sent. Me and my and sisters had so much fun. Good luck!
  • C
    Just Said Yes May 2019
    Christine ·

    Kleinfeld!! They have so many dresses to choose from. Only thing is there are so many people there so making an appointment is a must and try to avoid weekends. It could get super crazy there.

  • Sandicomm
    Dedicated May 2019
    Sandicomm ·
    I got my dress at Kleinfeld’s sample sale. These are floor samples that were either discontinued or slightly damaged and you can buy them off the rack. Unfortunately service is not great (God forbid Kleinfeld cater to peasants who can’t pay full price) and you can’t use their alteration services but you’ll save tons of money. I got my dress for $1000, well below the original $3000 tag price. All bridal stores have sample sales so if you don’t see something at Kleinfeld, keep looking!

    Macy’s also has some gorgeous dresses for reasonable prices at the full price range. Due to timing, I had to buy my dress off the rack and they didn’t happen to have any samples in my size.

    Keep looking, you’ll get there!
  • Katie
    Just Said Yes June 2020
    Katie ·
    BHLDN! Went and loved it - didn’t get a dress tho
  • A
    Just Said Yes July 2018
    Anna ·

    Hi, I have to sell my wedding dress before 9th of June. It's a luxury, designer's work.

    Size 4-8. Astoria, NY, 11101

    phone 908-346-4298. More photos on WhatsApp.

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  • Stephanie
    Devoted November 2020
    Stephanie Online ·

    Since you are in Brooklyn then I would recommend Lotus Bridal. They have 2 locations, one in Long Island and one in BK near the Q train and I had a great experience there!

  • Danielle
    Just Said Yes October 2019
    Danielle ·
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    Do you remember their price range. I am looking for under 1K

  • Lauren
    Dedicated February 2020
    Lauren ·
    Not sure what your budget is but Lotus in Brooklyn has wonderful selections under $2,000, which was my budget. Castle Couture in NJ is where I said yes to my dress! Amazing atmosphere, gorgeous place! They provide mimosas and cookies for you and your guests (up to 4). To make an appointment you have to give your CC #. In the event that you don’t show up they’ll charge you $100. If you want something similar to the Kleinfeld experience, I highly recommend Castle Couture!
  • Devoted August 2020
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    Lotus won't have very much below $1,000. You might have better luck at The Bridal Garden. I bought my original gown Vera Wang couture retails for $6300 I paid less then a 3rd. I ended up getting a 2nd dress in a boutique in Denver. Try BHDLN..RK is great as well. Are you still searching?

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