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No bridal party

Ashley, on May 6, 2021 at 7:32 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 4
Hi all! We’re having a small backyard wedding. No bridal party. I was thinking to have my my mom walk down who’s the officiant (or do officiants not walk down??) and then groom after her with our fur baby and then I’ll walk down with my dad. I don’t know whether to include groom’s mom in there, though.


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  • Ronika
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    I think in this situation you can do whatever you feel since it's your wedding. My future MIL is our officiant and my fiance asked his dad to be his best in our case I'm having them walk down together first then proceed with the groom...with the past year we've had I don't think we have to keep up with what works for you..and you can have his mom walk down as well with someone or ushered to her seat.
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    Officiants can totally walk down if you'd like.

    Tbh, my fiancé and I (who also have a substantial-sized wedding party) are walking down with both our parents each. It's typically seen in Jewish weddings, and though we aren't Jewish, we love the symbolism. My mom was just as (if not, more of) active a parent as my dad. I'm not down to leave her out of my ceremony. FH is walking down with his mom and his dad on either arm. More than okay to do that if y'all can fit three people at a time down the aisle.

    Could the groom carry fur baby and walk with his mom? If not, people can 100% walk by themselves. His mom could walk right before him.

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    We did not want a bridal party either! The officiant walked first, then groom with his mother, and then my mother with my 2 brothers, and then father and I.
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  • Rebecca
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    Our officiant, the BM and DH kind of ... meandered? in when it was getting close to time.

    Which, us being theatre people, had our guests applauding. (TBF, we were also one of the last of our circle to get married.)

    They then stationed themselves at the 'altar', and the BP walked in, followed by myself and my dad.

    Unless you're doing a very formal religious wedding, do what you want.

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