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Dedicated September 2023

Need some advice!

Britt, on June 6, 2021 at 1:00 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 6
So I just found out this weekend that I鈥檓 pregnant with my third kid 馃檪馃グ I鈥檓 only about 5 weeks along I am wanting to go try on some dresses next month or so do you think I should wait or go ahead and try some on??!! Positive comments only please!! Feel free to share your experience! 馃


Latest activity by Gloria, on June 6, 2021 at 4:14 PM
  • Taylor
    Devoted October 2021
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    Congratulations!!! That鈥檚 absolutely wonderful news 馃槉 Based off your profile, it looks like you鈥檙e getting married September 2023, so I鈥檇 recommend waiting until 2022 to shop for dresses! I鈥檇 say spring/summer 2022 to fall 2022 would be a great time to start. Much earlier, you risk changing your mind; much later, you risk having to pay rush fees.
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  • Britt
    Dedicated September 2023
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    Thank you so much !!馃檪
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  • CountryBride
    VIP April 2022
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    Congrats I am a mother of 9 with one in heaven so I was pregnant when I was trying on wedding dresses last November and I hated it if you could wait until later the pregnancy I think it would be better because then you will see what you actually fit into, if your not getting married until September 2023 then I suggest you go after the baby is born and you have plenty of time

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  • Kari
    Master May 2020
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    If you are getting married September 2023 you still have plenty of time to get a dress. I would definitely wait until after baby. Congrats!

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  • L
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    Congratulations!!!!!! That is fantastic!
    Go out and have fun. Try on every single dress!!!!
    With this being your third pregnancy, you have a great idea of what to expect and how to move forward with planning for the dress. I would go and have fun and enjoy every moment. Congratulations.
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  • Gloria
    Devoted May 2023
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    Congratulations!! That's such exciting news!

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