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Need Some Advice. Post-wedding Dealings with Cake Vendor.

Aimee, on November 23, 2021 at 4:03 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 7

So at 7:30 p.m. the night before our wedding. I received a call from our cake vendor to unapologetically inform me that we would not be getting the cake that we paid for. We had asked for the cake to be torted (each of the two layers cut in half with frosting/filling in between). Every wedding I have ever been to the cake has always been 4 layers with frosting/filling between the layers. We had been discussing this for months and was told it was something she could do.

So I was absolutely livid to get that phone call that late the night before our wedding as we were in the middle of our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. No less than 5 times in a condescending tone, I was told SHE was the professional and I needed to trust her. At that point, while I was mad, there was no time to make alternate arrangements. So I just said it is what it is.

Fast forward to our wedding day. Not only did she not tort the cake, she didn't put the frosting on in the agreed upon style, the cake was dry, it was visibly leaning and the lemon curd that was supposed to be in the top two tiers was not added. So nothing about the cake was right. I reached out to her via email after the fact and received a very vague (3 sentence reply): I'm sorry it wasn't what you hoped. I put great care into it as I do for all my clients. Congratulations may your union be blessed. (While this is not an exact quote - it's pretty close to being word for word.)

At this point I submitted a detailed review here on WeddingWire and a day or two later she posted a reply with mostly factual (yet misleading) information and never taking any accountability but rather putting it all on us. Among other things, s
he's now trying to say that she never charged us for the torting and that she discounted my 12" tier that we added two weeks before the wedding. (We added a fourth tier and took away the kitchen cakes because we had fewer people than what we were originally planning on.) I was never informed that we hadn't been charge or received a discount. So, I went back and added an addendum to my initial review to clarify that and other information in her reply. Within 5 minutes I received an email from WeddingWire that she had disputed my review and it has been removed. Hubby went on and added a separate review and she also disputed his. Sometime within the next hour she called my cell phone. We were in the middle of dinner so I let it go to voicemail.

I listened to her VM after dinner and now she wants to have a conversation. She doesn't understand what I want. I'm not asking for a full refund. I only every hoped she would offer to refund the difference for the services she charged for that we did not receive. But at this point, what I really want is for her to take accountability and allow my one-star rating to be reinstated (I'm even willing to remove the detail and make it vague.) But by removing my negative review she goes back to having a 5-star rating and given how unprofessional she was and the poor customer service we received, I think it's only fair that our review should be allowed to remain.

Aside from asking her what she would expect of a vendor if this had happened to her - I'm not quite sure what to say to her at this point. I want to keep it as civil as possible but I know how upset I am over this. What suggestions do you have? Should I ask for compensation? Should I just ask to have the dispute from my review (edited or unedited) removed and the review added back? Should I request both? At the end of the day we paid $600 for a cake to feed 100 people. It was so bad we didn't even save the top layer - we sent it with the rest of the food to be donated to a local shelter.

On a side note, all of our other vendors were given 5 star reviews. And a few have even commented on how easy we were to work with.


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  • mrswinteriscoming
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    It very much sounds to me like your baker either over stretched herself with orders and rushed your cake or otherwise was beyond her depths with what you asked for and couldn’t deliver on it and I can completely understand you giving her an honest review setting out your reasonable criticisms of her when she should have clearly been more transparent about her capabilities or not have taken on your order.

    It is up to you whether you want to seek reimbursement (if it were me, personally I would just leave it and not use her again nor recommend her) however I would certainly dispute the review or include another review – this is the exact type of thing that people want to hear about in reviews so they can make informed decisions about their vendors.

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  • Stacey
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    Stacey ·
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    Try leaving honest reviews on Yelp or Facebook instead; they are less likely to be removed.

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  • Melinda
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    Melinda ·
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    I agree with the PP- also google review her. I googled all of the vendors I like on wedding wire and found many of the 5 star review ones on here have 3 star or less on google.

    As far as money back, I'd send her 1 email stating that you would like X amount of money back for the services you've paid for that she didn't deliver. There's no point really in a verbal conversation at this point.

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  • Michelle
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    Yes and Google Maps. Potential customers, whether for a wedding or a birthday, appreciate honesty and deserve to know how the vendor really performed and treats the customers. What is the personality? Do they deliver on what they promise?

    Did you get everything agreed on at the consultation and meetings in writing before her phone call? If so, that helps you out if you need to get in touch with a consumer reports advocate at the local news stations following your meeting with her.
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  • Heather
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    Heather ·
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    Definitely put your review on other areas of social media if possible. The reason for this is because you are helping future clients from experiencing the same thing! Every bride deserves to have a perfect day Smiley smile

    If you feel like you should get a refund for the services that were not performed on the cake then definitely let her know via phone or email. Make sure to really point out what you discussed and that she agreed and it was not delivered. It was unprofessional of her to only tell you this the day before as it is an inconvenience.

    Also, does this vendor run their own business or are they working for a business? If there is a higher form of management to reach out to or even the contact the company then try to go that route. If she is the main baker then the only way to get some justice is to give you a partial refund. Good luck!

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  • P
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    Peyton ·
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    I would forget about the money. Put your review on as many other websites as you feel necessary. You may have better luck if you give her 2 stars but include your comments as if it was a 1 star review. Be as objective as possible and avoid highly inflammatory accusations. Try to say one positive thing if at all possible. A 2 star review will be less likely to be removed, but it will certainly and sufficiently warn others about this cake vendor.

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  • Shannon
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    Shannon ·
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    I agree. Give her appropriate reviews on Google and Yelp as those cannot be disputed or removed. Was wondering why wedding wire has all good reviews which makes vendors lose credibility.
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