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My Dress Won’t Fit :-(

FutureMrsC, on October 5, 2018 at 3:33 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 7
I’m sure this has been discussed before, so I apologize for being repetitive. Well, my wedding is on October 20th and I tried my dress on last week during an alterations fitting and it feels tight. I went dress shopping at the end of February and the dress I tried on was slightly big. Before placing the order, I was measured and told what size to order. The dress arrived in April and when I tried it on it seemed fine. I didn’t try the dress on again until last September. It has a corset back and inside a flap that has buttons to close before lacing up the corset ( I hoped I described that correctly ). It felt tight as far as trying to close the button, but of course it laced up without a problem.

Last week, the woman doing my alterations had a hard time bringing the sides of the dress together in order to button it. She’s a little but older and kept asking why did the bridal shop order a dress that was too small. I kept having to explain to her that the original dress I tried on while shopping for dresses was too big, and that I had been measured before my order had been placed. I’ve gained maybe 3-5 pounds because this whole wedding planning process is stressful along with other health problems that I wasn’t aware of until this past August, and I haven’t been as consistent with working out as I should have been, so not placing blame on anyone but me. But with practically 2 weeks to go, what would you all do? The seamstress plans to move the buttons over to help with the closing, but I won’t know how that’ll work out until tomorrow after my next fitting. I really don’t want to have to pay for another dress :-(

Sorry for the long post.


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    So what I did with my dress when I originally bought mine it was tight as well, with 2 weeks left what you could do, and this is what I did as well I cut out soda, alcohol, any sweets and I didn't eat past about 8 pm I just ate fruit veggies all healthy stuff and when I went to my fitting i lost a bunch of weight. Just don't stress everything will be perfect!!Smiley smile
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  • Victoria
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    You definitely won't have to pay for a new dress. I'm surprised your seamstress is moving buttons instead of letting it out a tiny bit on the sides. 3-5 lbs is no big deal and shouldn't have changed the size of your dress really.

    If your seamstress is any good, she'll get you in that dress. :-)
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    I would count calories, cut sugar and salt as much as possible, stay very hydrated, exercise if you get the chance, and just take care of your mental health! I am sure you will get in that dress. Smiley smile
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    First take a deep breath and breathe. You are totally fine *hugs* I'm pretty sure every bride has something right before their wedding. My dress' zipper literally broke 3 days before the wedding at my final fitting. The zipper couldn't be budged either way AND I HAD TO BE CUT OUT OF MY DRESS. I was so emotionally destroyed because they had to cut me out. But the next day they replaced the zipper and everything was fine! But the last week before the wedding I stayed away from salty things and tried to drink as much water as I could. Also do you have the proper undergarments? I know a corset back will do a lot for you already but have you thought about a corset-bra combo?

    Remember to breathe and you'll be ok Smiley smile Good luck!!

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    Do the whole 30 diet...in one week you notice a difference
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    Ur seamstress will either move the buttons or add on 2 the fabric 2 cover and give more room. The shop u ordered from was supposed to order it a little bigger and advise u 2 try it on once a month and offer to exchange for a bigger size at no extra cost to be back in time for ur wedding. I would go back to that shop and have them pay for the alterations or give u money back or exchange it if they have the slightly bigger one in store before you alter it. They advised u wrong. If no time to get the bigger size then have the seamstress work it out by moving the buttons or add some material.
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  • Maggie
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    So sorry you are going through this, how stressful. I'd try and relax and have faith in your seamstress. Shes a professional and it's her job to make the dress fit you. If she didn't think she could fix it I think she would have been honest with you. If she can't get the job done for whatever reason I'd shop around but I'd hold off on panicking until after your appointment tomorrow. There's lots of good tips here for losing weight fast which isn't a bad thing but I wouldn't put that pressure on yourself to try and lose the weight this close to the wedding, you are stressed out enough as it is! Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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