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Moonwalk for a Wedding

Cassandra, on October 30, 2019 at 11:49 AM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 4
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So me and my fiance are getting things together for the wedding, and my fiance had an idea but I'm not sure of. He said what if we rent a moonwalk for the wedding for the kids to have some where to play, he said we will put up once everyone was in the venue to eat. But I'm not sure I think it's a good idea but would it look bad. I need help.


  • Mcskipper
    Master July 2018
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    My concern with a bounce house is they’re kinda dangerous. It’s super easy for kids to get hurt in there, so it would be necessary to have someone else here to monitor (I can’t imagine wanting to do this as a parent at a wedding— I want to enjoy the wedding ! So I think it’s different than say a kid’s bday party or big family bbq).

    also, they can be noisy to run!
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  • Kora
    Expert September 2020
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    That’s a sweet gesture but would your venue even allow that? Also, it’s a extra cost for the kids to only jump for a couple of hours.. maybe you can dedicate a craft corner for them? 😊
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  • Renee
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    They actually have bounce houses for formal occasions if you'd want to have one. I don't see how it would keep parents from having fun if there was something fun for them to do. Kids do tend to get hurt if there's too many so I'd recommend hiring someone to be an attendant and kind of keep an eye on the kids that are in there, make sure too many don't go in at once.

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  • Melle
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    I've seen some nice ones but I feel like they'd only be used for so long
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