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mob attire for self-conscious mom?

Michelle, on October 18, 2019 at 7:21 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 1 7
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My mom had bariatric surgery a long time ago. She lost a ton of weight, but she is very self-conscious about loose skin around her tummy & under her arms.

We haven't spoken about attire yet, but I know she will not be confident in a very form-fitting dress or one without sleeves. I want her to feel confident & beautiful!

I know she'll want my help choosing an outfit. She doesn't have occasion to dress up much and hasn't worn dresses since I was a child.

She's 5'2" and wears size small. Blonde hair, 58 years old. Any suggestions? They don't even have to be dresses! I appreciate you guys!


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    Not sure what her budget is, but I have included links to some.




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  • K
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    I’ve found a few things online. I would say maybe a formal dress that comes with a jacket (or cardigan) so she feels a little more comfortable with another layer or even a long sleeve pleated dress. Probably a tea length with tights just to show a little bit of skin! Or if she’s not comfortable a long dress will look beautiful!
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  • Cyndy
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    I’m sure she can find something beautiful with a little jacket to go with it. You are so sweet to want to make sure she is comfortable. Good luck finding something she loves.
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  • Amber
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    Have her look on Azazie! They have a nice and more modern selection of MOB dresses which can be tried on at home and order in lots of colors! She could ask try Macy’s or other department stores. If she’s concerned with loose skin around her tummy, take her shopping for shape wear (like Spanx) before she goes dress shopping. If she wears appropriate undergarments to try on dresses, she’ll likely feel much more confident in dresses! It always helps me when I’m self-conscious about my mid-section!
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  • Yana
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    Dresses with sleeves are beautiful and can help her feel more confident. Also a dress with lace or draping can serve as an illusion to cover the loose skin she’s worried about. I’m sure she’ll find something perfect and will look beautiful.
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  • Kari
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    I just LOVE this topic. My mom is super self-conscious too and never dresses up. When we first got engaged she wanted us to elope just so she wouldn't have the pressure of having to find a dress, or figure out what to do about makeup and hair. I want to help her find a MOB dress that she is comfortable in, reasonably prices, doesn't feel too over the top or dressy, and is age appropriate (she's 70).

    Have a conversation with your mom to start to see what she likes and feels comfortable in. I learned my mom really likes elbow length sleeves (I suspected she'd want some sleeves or a jacket to cover at least some of her arms), I know how a fabric feels is really important to her, and she wants something that isn't fitted or tight but not baggy or super loose either (so figure flattering with some sense of shape). I think this can be a great opportunity to bond with your mom, and you can get as excited about finding her a great MOB dress and she can be about finding your perfect wedding dress.

    I started a topic about finding inexpensive MOB dresses and some have suggested JCPenny, Amazon, or consignment stores. I'll also be looking on Poshmark as well. Good luck!

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  • MrsD
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    Both our mother's didn't want to go into stores to try things on, so they found it easier to order things then try them on, then send them back. My mom looked at Macy's, David's Bridal, Nordstrom's, Azazie, and BHLDN. My mother in law looked at Kohls, Amazon, Target, and Ross. This is what my mother wore, she got it at Nordstrom's online.mob attire for self-conscious mom? 1This is what my MIL wore, she got it on Amazon.
    mob attire for self-conscious mom? 2

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