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Mismatched Group Groomsmen Shoes and Belts

Chantelle, on July 20, 2021 at 8:04 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 7
I hate to ask the boys to spend more money to buy matching shoes and belts as a group. For the bridesmaids: I picked their dress colors and they got to pick their style and can wear any shoe/accessory. So likely the BMs can wear shoes or jewelry that they already have.

For the groomsmen: We picked their suits, so I feel like they should be able to wear whatever shoe/belt that they might already have as well. I think all I’d suggest is that GM’s shoe/belt color should be a brown color and that whatever color it is, their belt/shoe color should match.
Will the pictures still look well? Or will the pictures look really off? Any other suggestions welcome too! Thanks in advance


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    Anais ·
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    I think as long as you don’t have someone showing up with a super bright colored belt or shoes, no one will notice. Probably won’t even notice if one person wears black and the other brown.
    I have never paid attention to a man’s belt or shoes in pictures.
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  • Rosie
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    Rosie ·
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    I personally prefer cohesion, so I'd prefer all brown or all black belts and shoes, but I think asking for the belt and shoes to match is a nice compromise!

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  • Michelle
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    Michelle ·
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    Pick a color and let them decide on their own from there
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    Ingrid ·
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    I'm going out on a limb here. . .tread lightly. . .it may come off as micro-managing. You've already asked them to purchase a suit rather than rent one. I would have assumed your belt/shoe color selections would have been presented to them when you provided the info about the suit. Some budget differently and some may not have multiple pairs of dress shoes. Being so close to your wedding I would ask the GM's to have their belt and shoes match and suggest it be your preferred color choice, but requiring it could cause a problem.

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  • Katie
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    Katie ·
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    Did you pick a rental suit or are you having them buy suits? With rentals you should also be able to add matching shoes/belts to the rental. We considered saying wear your own brown shoes and belts to save them money because I personally don't think it will matter if they all have the same exact shoe as long as its the same color family. We ended up adding the shoes to the rental though because my husband tried them on and actually really liked them and wants to wear them himself (he HATES rental shoes normally) and thought that was actually easier for his friends anyways. We also decided against including belts in the rentals and instead we're buying them suspenders.

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    Amanda ·
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    I think you can request brown or black shoes/belt, since those are basics. I don’t think it will look off at all, but I’m partial to the mismatched look. You could ask first if everyone has brown or black shoes and belts. And maybe pay for them if it’s only one or two?
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    If you're concerned about cohesion and it will work with their suits, I would ask them all to wear black instead of brown. More people own black shoes than brown (my husband had to buy brown shoes on the way to an out of state wedding he was in right before covid) and there aren't as many shades of black as there are of brown, so you have a better chance of everyone wearing something similar if you ask them to wear black.

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