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Danielle, on April 25, 2020 at 9:48 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 1

I am supposed to get married October 30th this year and I have most of my girls stuff figured out but as far as the guys I haven't. I know I dont have to have the stuff in for rentals until like 15-30 days before hand but in the meantime I would like to attempt to figure out some style suit or tux for my FH and his side of the wedding party. I have a good idea of what color vests and ties and what not and i want to put everyone in black suits/tux's but as of right now i haven't even been able to go with FH to look at colors and suit styles in person and as of right now im not sure that will happen until june or july which still gives me time but I would kinda like get a price range for all his guys so they know what to expect to pay and it's not sprung on them last minute and my oldest stepson will be a Jr groomsmen and some of the suits I liked for his men were close to 170$ plus tax and what not and I have a feeling since I want all his side of the party to have matching tux's that if it's close to 170$ then I'm gonna have drama and have to pay for some of my stepsons suit because his mom will complain how i could have done it cheaper and my youngest stepson is a ring bearer which whatever suit she wants to get him is fine because he doesn't have to match and knowing him half of it wont stay on after the ceremony. Given that i was looking at the 99$ rentals they have which came to like 109$ with tax which if I have to help pay for one of my sons suits id rather drop 50$ not 100$ for something hes wearing once. No point in buying him one because hes 13. So has anyone had any experience with this 99$ rental package from Mens warehouse? I've heard their ugly but i can't find many reviews. If they arent ugly id would rather put his side in those, and then he gets a free tux or rental so thats not an issue. It's just kinda getting an idea of things until we can see in person so god forbid we arent scrambling at the last minute.



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    Honestly if you have any other options I would choose them over mens warehouse any day...

    Here’s a review I left for them about a month ago:
    We decided to postpone our wedding. It was not an easy decision, but it was in large part due to your company.

    Our groomsmen, fathers, brothers, and the groom himself, were scheduled to have a resizing appointment last Saturday. We were beside ourselves when we found out that the company we were renting our suits from was closed at all locations with absolutely no warning. We had to find out the hard way that our bridal party would have nothing to wear only two weeks out from our wedding date. This was especially frustrating because it seemed as though every single other company that I had ever given my email to was letting me know how they were proceeding with the situation surrounding the Coronavirus.

    I completely understand that this was something that no one saw coming, but to not email or call your customers BEFORE closing your doors seems very unprofessional.

    When we were forced to look elsewhere for rental options, we contacted a local company, who assured us that even if they do not remain open for regular business, they would still be able to provide us with our suits, come the wedding day. They also let us know that they were helping many other customers who were left in the dark with no explanation by your company. When our wedding happens later on we will be supporting that business instead, and we will no longer require your services.

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