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Meal cards

Becky, on June 10, 2019 at 1:17 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 5
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How do I print on meal place cards? I have several guests that have rsvp’s how many of each meal for their family but didn’t specify which meal was for each individual person so I was just going to make meal cards (pot Roast, pork loin, fettuccine Alfredo) and put in an envelope for the family to pick up when they enter the reception. Question is how do I print on the small place cards that I have found in stores? Anyone have any other ideas?


  • Caytlyn
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    Just contact them and ask them which meal is for which person. Seems much easier.
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  • Soon2Bmrsp
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    Do you have to do that, wont the venue ask them at the table what they are having, I think the idea is for you to just get a count as to what people are having so they know how many of each entree to fix

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  • Jennifer future Mrs. K-H
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    I don't know if having an additional card for the family to pick up and set out will work practically. they may forget or not see it or get confused. You want to make things as simple and easy because you wouldn't believe how people don't do things you'd expect (especially if it's after cocktail hour lol). I would suggest following up with the families to get who is whose, then adding a small symbol to the place cards themselves, (like star for pot roast, etc) and working with the caterer/venue coordinator at the reception so the servers in the kitchen know which is which. We will be doing that for our wedding. As far as how to print their names on there, usually when you buy a kit from a craft store or office store they have instructions in the box on how to go on their website and download a template you can fill in and print according to the dimensions of the cards. Otherwise I'd try to do it by hand if it's not too labor intensive. You could also print on another sheet and paste them on there, but idk how nice that would look.

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  • Heather
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    I think I place place cards, just do the family’s name on an envelope with their table number, inside the envelope have the cards with the meals on them, and they can set their correct meal card in front of their seat!
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  • thisismrsb
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    Yes. Call the families to get their specifications.

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