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Maldives or Mauritius? Spiders??

Mayhem, on June 10, 2015 at 7:11 AM Posted in Honeymoon

Hey ladies!

My FH are deciding on a honeymoon, love the idea of either Maldives or Mauritius. However, I am aware of huge spiders in Maldives, and crunching of millions of cockroaches when walking at night. This freaks me out!

Is Mauritius the same?

Has anyone ever been to either places? Any thoughts of the countries?

Thank you xx



  • Ibrahim
    Just Said Yes March 2014
    Ibrahim ·

    There are thousand islands in Maldives and it has more then 60 5* Luxury resorts and i have experienced working with more then 80 islands including local islands,

    There were coackroaches rarely seen in inhabited islands but none of the 5 star luxury resorts in Maldives.

    I believe that you've been misinformed about Maldives.

  • MayBride
    VIP May 2016
    MayBride ·

    I'm planning on Mauritius. I haven't read anything about cockroaches in the hundreds of reviews I've scoured. I picked Mauritius over the Maldives because it seems like there are more non-beach activities there. We can only sit on the beach and swim/snorkel for so long. Maldives is basically just a luxury beach resort place from what I understand. It really depends on what you and your FH are going for. If you love the idea of over water bungalows (not really available in Mauritius) and relaxing on a beautiful beach, then the Maldives is for you. If you're looking for beautiful resorts but also more activity, then look more into Mauritius.

  • Mayhem
    Super February 2016
    Mayhem ·

    Thank you! Just both look beautiful. Tbh we are only going for 7 days, so planning to chill and snorkel a lot. I'm just stressed with the thought of huge spiders! My FH went a few years ago, and said they saw three... It would stress me so much!

  • Jennifer
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    Jennifer ·

    I just got back from Mauritius and I would wholeheartedly recommend Mauritius for a variety of reasons.

    Firstly, I personally would never go to the Maldives from an ethical standpoint. I am uncomfortable with some of the horror stories I have read about their treatment of women (specifically, rape victims being publicly lashed for having sex outside of marriage). Also environmentally there are horror stories about entire islands of trash that contribute to ocean pollution in the Maldives because their luxury tourism sector is unsustainable. Mauritius on the other hand seems to put a lot more focus on being environmentally friendly, and their culture is a fascinating blend of different religions living side by side in peace. I absolutely fell in love with the island.

    As Akshara says, there is lots to do and see in Mauritius beyond just beautiful beaches. We stayed at a small boutique resort in the mountains called Lakaz Chamarel and it was amazing. One morning they arranged a tour for us to go swim with the dolphins in Tamarin Bay, the hotel is walking distance from the Chamarel waterfall and the 7 Colored Earths, and there is a daily shuttle to the beach. The bugs weren't bad at all. I saw 2 roaches outside the whole time and none in our room. Tho if bats freak you out it might not be for you, the Mauritian Fruit Bats are HUUUGE, I thought they were SO COOL. They come out at dusk every night and I wanted to get a close up picture so bad but never had any luck

    There are still a few overwater bungalows on the island (constance le prince maurice come to mind) if you had your heart set on that.

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