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Ingrid, on August 9, 2020 at 2:48 PM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 9
So for context, I don't wear makeup EVER!! My FH loves me natural because that's all he's known. My dilemma is, I want to have my eyes more dramatic on my wedding day for the sake of pictures and not looking like I look everyday of my life. So, is it possible to wear just eyeshadow, a little concealer and no foundation? Im not anti foundation, he is. Im getting frustrated with wanting to please both of us. Less is more in this case.


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    Veronica ·
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    Yes, you can. One of my bridesmaids considered just having my makeup artist do her eyes. The makeup artist had no issue with this.
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    Future Mrs. T ·
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    For my makeup trial my makeup artist used foundation on me. It didn’t look bad but it just wasn’t me. I only ever wear eyeshadow and concealer so I felt hyper aware of what was on my face. I mentioned that for the day of I would like as little face makeup as possible if anything maybe just concealer. I put my head on my fiance’s shoulder a lot and I would hate to rub makeup on his suit. It’s totally up to your preference! I have tried to dabble in BB creams or tinted moisturizers for a lighter coverage.
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  • Kristen
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    Kristen ·
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    Truthfully I would do a light base because I feel foundation can just even out the skin and cover blemishes. Maybe a bb cream or something? I will say this, I get the whole pleasing our men but I feel it is a look you need to feel happy with. If you want dramatic eyes then do it but maybe do a nude lipstick? I am doing natural too but may add the pop of color on my lips.

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    Gianna ·
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    I never wear makeup either. For my engagement photos I just did mascara and lipstick and it came out fine in photos! I was comfortable, felt like myself, and still looked “dressed up” compared to my no makeup. It’s totally doable to just wear eye makeup!
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  • Sharonda
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    Sharonda ·
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    I completely understand .... I’m there with you because I never wear makeup either and my fiancé likes the natural look too. I’m a everyday chapstick kind of girl, but for my engagement photos, I had my makeup done (full face, airbrush foundation, lashes, and more dramatic eye and lip) and I loved it. My fiancé loved it too and he was shocked that I didn’t look “casket sharp” which was what he was afraid of. Lol! I explained to the makeup artist that I wanted an elevated natural look and that’s exactly what she did. There’s a way to do what you want — even with a full face of makeup. And your fiancé will love it (he just doesn’t know it yet)!
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  • Katie
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    Katie ·
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    I regularly wear eye makeup with concealer and no foundation (because I hate the way it feels on my skin) and use blush and highlighter to blend a bit. I do like Glossier Skin Tint for minimal face coverage, you can still see freckles/real skin but it evens it out a bit. glossier is awesome for everything really.
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  • Alma
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    Alma ·
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    There are foundations that still give you a natural finish. I think you need to verbalize to your makeup artist what look it is you are going for and trust her on it. If she’s a good makeup artist, she will do a fine job on giving you what you want. I agree that the base evens everything bout and gives you a smooth finish. A dramatic eye with no foundation sounds unfinished. Do a trial and see how you feel Smiley smile
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  • Margarita
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    Margarita ·
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    Maybe try a bb cream instead of foundation
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  • MrsD
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    MrsD ·
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    I would talk to a makeup artist and get their opinion, and maybe do a trial. To me, it would look odd (on my face at least) to have super dramatic/intense eyemakeup and lashes then no (or minimal) skin makeup & blush & lips. It would almost look unfinished to me.

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