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Katie, on April 24, 2021 at 12:01 PM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 3
For those of you who are a mua or have hired one for your wedding, what are the products they are using? Is it high quality products? I have never used a makeup artist before since I always do my own and have a pretty high expectation for what goes on my skin so I don’t want to be using something that’s lesser of quality on my wedding day than I do every day on a regular basis? What are the products you will be using on your wedding day!


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  • Michelle
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    Most make up artists use very high end quality products that are specifically designed for use with high definition photography. If you are concerned, you can definitely ask them during the interview process. Otherwise most trust them to have a full inventory of products without having to provide your own.

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    Thanks for the info! I had asked one that was recommended to me what products she used and after researching (I had never heard of
    It and that was surprising) it seemed to be on the cheap end of the spectrum. I just wasn’t sure if that’s what to expect or not. I assumed they used high end products like I already use
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  • Ariel
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    I feel like its usually a mix, depending on the MUA of course. I follow several MUAs on Instagram and typically they are using pretty high end products. Now, these MUAs also cost hundreds of dollars just for the bride so you have to keep that in mind too! Personally I LOVE getting my makeup done and have a pretty high standard for products as well, but I also trust the MUA to know what will work well for professional photos and last throughout the whole wedding day. I know the MUA that I'm using for my wedding uses mostly high end products, but she also recommended I get a Maybelline lipstick because she's used it consistently with her brides and knows it will last throughout the day.

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