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Bellafoeverj, on April 18, 2021 at 9:16 AM Posted in Planning 0 4
During the whole journey of my engagement, I've been getting disappointed with my maid of honor. My maid of honor has honestly been no help at all. Everything I want to plan pertaining to my wedding she always ask to help to take the task instead of doing it. When the time comes for the task to be completed she has every excuse in the book and she eventually doesn't do as she promised. With my bridal shower she did the same thing she told me she was going to host and also decorate to surprise me. During the last min she didn't buy any decor so eventually one of my family members took over since she didn't keep her promise. When it came to my bachelorette she told me it's going to be a surprise you'r bachelorette is going to be planned. Everything that she planned was things she wanted to do. So my bridesmaid confronted her saying that's not what the bride requested. So all of my bridesmaids noticed nothing was getting done as far as them knowing the iteniary so my bridesmaids decided to step in because they noticed she wasn't doing anything so they took over. My bridesmaids told me they paid for so many things for my bachelorette and my maid of honor didn't spend a dime on me. To make it worst I told my maid of honor why do you constantly always never own up to what you say and I told her she's been stressing me out the whole time because she's not honest. My maid of honor went ahead and lied to my bridesmaids by telling them that they are stressing me out. Mind you I didn't say that I said that about her. Everytime she doesn't own up to what she says when I confront her about the situation she says awww man I'm sorry. I feel like she doesn't care about my stuff and she's prolonging things on purpose. At this point I'm not even talking to her because I'm beyond upset. If you were in my situation what would you do?


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  • Sarah
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    Has she always been like this? Even before you were wedding planning? If yes, people don’t change just because you’re getting married. It would be nice if people followed through with what they said they would, but if she never has before, I wouldn’t expect her to now. If she wasn’t like this before, have you asked her what’s going on with her?

    I can’t really tell you what I’d do without knowing what kind of person she was before your engagement took place.
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  • Michelle
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    Hi there, Bride. Well, not everyone is a party planner or likes weddings, so she may not be informed about how to organize. But, at the very least, she should listen to you and your list of wants. It's good both of you have the other bridesmaids to help the vision stays executed.

    I think you should help her out with a list of tasks, you expect her to assist you. You cannot rely on her to read bridal etiquette on her own, so help your MOH out by printing out exactly what you need her to do. Also, include a timetable, and expected number of hours each may take. Also, think of including a budget because let's face it, an imaginary budget for your friend to pay to be part of your wedding festivities (dress, shoes, parties) is scarier than a real budget. I know this actually sounds like a job description, but it really is a job. A list of expectations, calendar, and personal budget helps everyone when a new task is presented. Show her your vision boards.

    I see some bridal parties are completed, but it's never too late to have a talk with her and see if she's still on board. If she's not up for the job, then it's just causing both of you stress. Have her be part of your wedding in other ways like reading a poem at your ceremony.

    Best wishes!

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  • mrswinteriscoming
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    It sounds to me like your MOH bit off more than she can chew. At this point all I can say is do not allow her to plan anything else. She is obviously volunteering for things which she doesn't end up committing to and now that you are aware of it, do not let her plan anything else.

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  • Abigail
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    I’m having almost the same problem with my maid of honor, can’t downgrade her because she’s my fiancé’s sister 🤯
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