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Lots of Kids at Reception

Jennifer, on July 14, 2013 at 6:47 PM Posted in Planning 0 13
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I'm putting together the guest list and realize that we'll have a LOT of kids at the reception. Any ideas for activities and things that will keep the kids amused? One thing I am thinking of, is we had read a while ago of wedding where they used small inexpensive games like chutes and ladders and checkers as table favors... any other ideas?


  • LaurenVictoria
    Super October 2013
    LaurenVictoria ·

    I'm doing the I Spy game.

    You can get them on etsy But I'm making them myself.

  • Stefanie
    Devoted August 2013
    Stefanie ·

    I have a "kids bag" for each kid. It includes a coloring roll with crayons, a set of markers and a wooden craft, a travel-sized game (like Connect 4), and a little wedding coloring book.

  • LaurenVictoria
    Super October 2013
    LaurenVictoria ·

    Good old coloring books and crayons are always good. Or you could come up with a simple wedding related craft.

    You can find lots of ideas on pinterest..

    I saw one where they put a little place setting at each kid's seat with some candy, a blank folded card, and a little pack of crayons and it said "make a card for the bride and groom".

  • LaurenVictoria
    Super October 2013
    LaurenVictoria ·

    These could get a bit messy but if you have the type of venue that allows, or you could set this up outside, maybe sand art. Or make necklaces with craft store beads. If you have the extra funds, hiring someone like a face-paint artist (or if you know someone artistic that can do this) is a fun idea.

  • J&B
    Master September 2013
    J&B ·

    How old are the kids?

    We are doing an I Spy game as well. I also have a few games (Connect Four, Uno), Legos, coloring books, glow necklaces/bracelets.

  • Annie
    VIP March 2014
    Annie ·

    I was at a wedding once when I was the kid at the wedding. It was a big family to do and a lot of kids. The bride and groom made up cards with things on it like a lady wearing a blue dress. Or a man wearing a top hat...or the person who caught the bouquet. After each thing was a line and the kid had to go to the adult and have them sign the card. (It was kind of like a guest scavenger hunt). The winner won a price, but it wasn't me.. : ( I remember is being a lot of fun.

    I would imagine to do this though you would have to have a very family oriented event or the guests might get tired of signing cards.

  • Keli
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    Keli ·

    We are having a kids table, for coloring and small games. We are also having lawn games like bocca, horseshoes, giant checkers and bean bag toss. I have a lot of older cousins (14-17) and they will be helping to watch the smaller ones.

  • mc4dj13
    Master November 2013
    mc4dj13 ·

    Annie- that is an awesome idea with the kid's scavenger hunt!! I was looking for an idea that would keep the kids preoccupied and still involved in the wedding. Thanks!

  • Samira
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    Samira ·

    I will be doing the kids favor bag with kid stuff in it coloring books, activities and plus having a babysitter from an agency on hand. This is for our own children's benefit and my guests who children we invite get to have babysitter too.

  • Catrapoin
    Expert November 2014
    Catrapoin ·

    We will have a small spaced reserved for the kids with babysitters on site. There will be bride "dress up" clothes, coloring books/crayons, DVDs, crafts, and a DIY advent calendar (Christmas wedding). Plus kid friendly menu items. FH is debating bringing the Xbox

    I have kids and I love all my friends' kids- most of them have grown up with my kids. A wedding is about families for us, so kids are welcome- another way to see grand babies

  • Danni
    Dedicated May 2014
    Danni ·

    I love this post. I also will have quite a few kids. I plan to have a kiddie favor bag with crayons, coloring pages, a puzzel, and small game. maybe some cards also.

  • Marissa M.
    Super August 2013
    Marissa M. ·

    Just a warning about the kiddo bags-my 3 year old LOVES coloring. We were at my friends wedding and she spent the time and money making bags with coloring books, crayons, sticklers, games, and goodies which was very cute and all. We brought home the bag untouched except a few pieces of candy. There was so much going on with the bridal party entrance (she loved watching BM in their pretty dresses and the bride) to dinner and then the dancing that she could have care less bout the bag. Don't think you are forced to entertain our little ones or need to cram this extra into your budget. I always carry a notebook, pencil and little books on me so she doesn't get bored or antsy. Although a thoughtful gesture, don't feel forced to keep little ones busy.

  • Jennifer
    Dedicated October 2014
    Jennifer ·

    These are great suggestions. We have a very high energy 3 year old ourselves (well she'll be four by then, but probably just as rowdy) and we are pretty family oriented, so I really like the idea for setting some space aside for the kids and doing games and activities that mix the generations.

    In fact, I'm wondering if we couldn't do a two-sided scavenger hunt--easy and difficult, so the older kids and adults could join in the fun.

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