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Losing my marbles

Brianne, on June 10, 2021 at 11:17 AM Posted in Pennsylvania Planning 0 2
So we are getting married 11/27 this year 😁❤️ & really trying to have a small ceremony and bigger reception. The idea for the ceremony initially was 50 people..you know just looking at it from afar….but really we ended up with a little over 100 with aunts uncles cousins 😧… our reception is about 180 people. How in the world do we reduce the people at the ceremony without a mess?

Should we just have everyone there? We are doing all of the pictures before everything too so the nerves should be lessened (because we are both sometimes over stimulated in a crowd) but we really want the intimacy of a small ceremony. Woof.


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  • Lynnie
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    Hi Brianne! At this point it might be easier to invite everyone to the ceremony & reception so there's no confusion for your guests!! Smiley heart

    That or I'd immediately put a hard stop on extending any more ceremony invites!

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    Thank you! I keep trying to convince myself there’s a sweet spot!
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