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long Read: Upsetting dress experience

Bird, on September 29, 2019 at 6:00 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 7
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Before I got engaged I always envisioned myself getting a white evening gown from Nordstrom or lord and Taylor. I thought maybe spend around $300... not get a traditional wedding gown, but just a regular floor length white gown.

So then I got engaged and decided to go to David’s bridal to have the “dress trying on” experience with my mom and grandma. My budget was $500 which is very doable at David’s. And the dresses I saw online were pretty simple.

Side note: my mom was taking pictures for me to look back on... but she is FB crazed and posted a photo of me in a dress on fb and the only reason I found out was because as we were leaving she says “look we already have 45 likes!” And that’s when I found out ... I asked her to remove it Smiley sad

So I tried on a bunch of dresses and had 3 favs.

Then I went to kleinfelds sample sale with my sister the next week. At this point I knew what styles I liked (a-line, sheath, ball gown) so I could rummage through the sales. Ended up not buying anything... cuz even tho the prices were amazing ($699) I wasn’t in love so we left.

Then I started reviewing the David’s bridal pictures and zeroed in on one dress and really fell in love w how I looked in the pics. Only problem it was $900 and I thought that was very high because I’d still need to get it altered and then after the wedding dry cleaned and preserved.

So I started scouring preowned wedding gown websites and actually found the exact dress I wanted IN MY SIZE! I asked her a bunch of questions... does it have any discoloration? And rips? Tears? She assured me no and that it was never worn. Brand new in dress bag since she bought it a few months prior.

So I thought about it a lot and finally decided this is my dress so I bought it from her (from poshmark) for $425.

I received the dress in the mail a few days later only to find that the dress was dirty. It had been worn! And a lot of the lace was coming off/detached, the zipper seam was ripped, scuff marks on the inner layer, makeup around the neck line.

I was shocked. So I slept on it and then decided to take it to a dry cleaner to see what they would quote. They quoted $250 for dry clean and repair rips and tears. I’m sure if I took it somewhere else they could have charged less...

I had to make a choice. Do I keep the dress and get it dry cleaned and fixed? It would still be less expensive than the $900 new price. Or return it and buy it new....

I ended up returning it. Poshmark accepted my return request. How ridiculous she just flat out lied? If she had told me it was worn I might have still bought it?! But the dress now gave me sadness. I wouldn’t want to see all the ribbons and lace coming up off the fabric. No one else would have noticed except me but still... it’s my wedding dress. I want to have good feelings.

I felt a lot of regret about trying to save a few hundred bucks. I could have just bought it new and saved weeks and weeks filled with drama/worry/should I buy it used?! What if it’s dirty!? My FSIL and I were SURE it was going to be fine.

So now I’m feeling defeated. I still want the dress but maybe thinking I should wait a couple months and then revisit the whole dress situation (getting married June 2020) maybe I should get a totally different style!? Who knows.


  • ChiBride
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    Why don’t you go to Nordstrom and lord and Taylor and try on dresses? My aunt found an AMAZING dress that was super marked down from Nordstrom and it was beautiful and perfect for a wedding. Don’t feel defeated! Now is the time to be looking!
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  • Allaura
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    Wow. I’m really sorry all that has happened. The people on Poshmark are usually honest so I’m sorry about that experience. I think you should give it some time and revisit it in a little bit. Clear your mind, kind of forget about this round of dress shopping and start with a clean slate the next time you go out to find a dress.
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  • Cher Horowitz
    Rockstar December 2019
    Cher Horowitz ·
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    That's awful! I'm happy your return was accepted.

    I would try out your original plan Smiley heart

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  • Jeanie
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    Jeanie ·
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    If the dress is one of the newer ones from David’s Bridal, it’s likely to go on sale over the winter. If you’re willing to hold out, you should be able to get it for a price within your budget brand new from the store. I imagine they will have a big end of the year sale or a Black Friday sale. Don’t lose hope over getting your dream dress. This is just a little bump in the road and all will work out for you!
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  • S
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    Stephanie ·
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    Wait till David's has their big sale usually around January. I bout my dress in January during the sale the dress went from 800 down to 320. I paid for a belt and preservation in total 710 for everything.
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  • Melle
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    Melle ·
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    I'm glad you were able to get that dress returned though
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  • Kimberly
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    Have you tried the website stillwhite? give it a look. i wish i had known about before i purchased my dress. don't get me wrong, i love my dress, but still white is just a wedding dress selling site. a lot are pre owned but i think you'll have better luck with quality of dresses.

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