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Late Video - How and when to ask for status?

Melinda, on December 2, 2018 at 6:30 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 5
We were married on August 20th and are still waiting for our wedding video. Our contract states the video will take 8 - 12 weeks. If I’m counting my weeks correctly, tomorrow will be 15 weeks so 3 weeks late. I’m trying to be really patient especially since I know the busy season for weddings just ended and then the holidays started. However, my patience is running thin.

I follow my videographer on Facebook and they were posting videos almost weekly and seemed to be working on weddings from July. They didn’t post for about 3 weeks and then just posted a sneak peek video for a wedding from October. I haven’t had any communication with them since my wedding. I would have appreciated a message during that 8 - 12 week period stating that they were running behind but clearly that ship has sailed.

How do I politely reach out and ask for an update without coming across emotional? Do I keep waiting without reaching out? Any advice would be appreciated!


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  • Kenisha
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    No you shouldn’t keep waiting without reaching out. I’d be sending an email if not calling to see what the hold up is.
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  • Estera
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    I actually have the same problem. We got married August 17th and were told our video would be sent 11-14 weeks later. Since the wedding they’ve only posted one video. These are super well known videographers that have millions of views so I’m confused.
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    Dear videographer,

    This is Melinda X my wedding was August 20. The contract we agreed to and signed stated that our video would be ready 8-12 week after out event. You are now three weeks beyond that time frame and noticed on Facebook that you have shared video from a wedding in October. When will you be delivering our final video.

    Melinda X

    Send something asap. You probably should have reached out weeks ago. There's nothing you can do about that now, but it's time to expect t bv e product you paid for.
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  • Rachel
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    Definitely time to email and reach out. That’s way late. I don’t get why it seems like no vendor lets their clients know that they know they’re late on the timeline and give an updated date.
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    Valerie ·
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    Just keep it to the facts. A great way to avoid coming off as emotional in an e-mail is to never use 'I statements' (I think, I feel, I believe). Just clearly state "It has been 15 weeks from our wedding and the contract we signed with you says that we would have our wedding video in 8-12 weeks. Would you please update us on when we will be receiving our video?" There is no need to add statements to 'soften the blow' of asking for an update, just keep it simple and straight forward.

    There could be some technical problems, or it could be a totally innocent mistake. My photographer did this for our engagement pictures - turns out when we e-mailed asking when we would get them it was a case of he thought his assistant was sending the file and the assistant thought the photographer was sending it. So the photos had been done for 3 weeks just sitting in the online album. Photographer called us completely mortified about the mix up and gave us an extra hour on the day of our wedding.

    Some vendors do miss deadlines and some are terrible. But more often than not it is just a simple mistake (you just hear about all the horror stories more often). A quick e-mail should hopefully get the answers you want. Hope the video ends up being amazing!

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