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Large Wedding Party

Katie, on September 15, 2019 at 11:15 PM Posted in Planning 0 5
Any thoughts/advice on a large wedding party. We will have 12 gals and 10 guys as part of our “wedding party.” We aren’t labeling them with any titles. We are only going to have 2 brothers and 2 sisters stand by us at the alter. The rest will just sit during the ceremony. But we want our entire wedding party to be a part of pictures/getting ready and sitting together at reception. Has anyone done something like this before or have advice?


Latest activity by Katie, on September 17, 2019 at 6:28 PM
  • Laura
    VIP November 2019
    Laura ·
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    If they aren’t standing up with you and won’t have the title of bridesmaid/groomsman, what will they be besides props for your pictures?
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  • C
    Master July 2018
    Cuoghi ·
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    I agree with the other person. Why have these people pay tons of money for clothing, makeup, hair, to only sit the whole time? I'd be pretty mad if that was me. Just have the brothers and sisters. Everyone else can be a guest and have more fun anyways!
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  • MrsD
    Legend July 2019
    MrsD ·
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    If they don't stand up with you (and other people do), I wouldn't consider them part of the wedding party. We had 10 GM and 9 BM. It was expensive but they all stood up with us and did all the wedding party things.

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  • Cristy
    Master May 2021
    Cristy ·
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    I have no problem with a large wedding party, or a small wedding party. What I think might be a problem is this non-wedding party kind of wedding party. I'm just confused, so I can only imagine that some of your people might be confused as well. No titles? That's fine if you don't want to call your ladies "bridesmaids" but what is their role in your wedding, if not to be a bridesmaid? The very definition of "bridesmaid" has to do with: standing up with you at the altar, emotional support for the bride, and in some cases, assisting with pre-wedding events. But the main role for any wedding party is to stand up at the altar with the bride and groom. I guess I'm just confused about the purpose of 12 ladies and 10 men, most of whom won't be standing up with you. I want to be clear that I'm not criticizing, just trying to answer your call for advice/thoughts.

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  • Katie
    Beginner October 2020
    Katie ·
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    Thanks for all of your comments! It’s hard to word things on here. But I could always call them my “bridesmaids.” What I don’t want to do is say I have 3 personal attendants, 7 bridesmaids, 2 junior bridesmaids. They will all just be the wedding party. We can call them groomsmen and bridesmaids if that confuses them not to. I have been in many weddings as a bridesmaid and personal attendant. I have had different tasks for each type of position. I just want all my friends to be equally treated. I can’t imagine not having some of my best friends by my side, so I don’t see it fit for them just to be “guests.” They would be there to get ready, watch me put on my dress, be with me before the big ceremony, names would be on ceremony sheet, walk down the aisle together, go on our party bus, sit with us at the reception, be introduced for the wedding dance. The ONLY job they would not do is stand during the ceremony. I guess from my experience.. I wouldn’t be mad getting to sit front row as a witness? But all of you have some great thoughts! I really need to take them all in and think things through. Thanks!
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