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Super April 2022

Just venting Bridezilla

CountryBride, on April 15, 2021 at 6:10 PM Posted in Family and Relationships 0 6
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Thank you for reading and commenting on my posts your advice is excellent, So as many of you fellow brides know I have a mother who is extremely toxic has criticized every single decision I have made. or idea that I have. from the colors, to boots, to the wedding cake, and desserts, music, etc even criticized my daughter's dresses. and my dress. I had stopped talking to her about wedding things. anyways I posted on our wedding website that we have a hotel block at this hotel. it's 7 miles from our venue and is the only hotel located within 30 miles of the venue. so I had posted in big letters and even told my mom that when she decides to book she needs to call the main number and book under our block. what does she do she calls me in hysterics,{ my mom loves drama and is dramatic} saying there are no hotels for that day. they are all booked up. I calmly asked her if she called the direct number. she said no and then started saying how she is booking in Denver. knowing that my fiance and I are on the hook for 5 rooms to be booked. we reserved 20 but only have to pay for 5 if at least 5 don't get booked up she then goes on a rant about how stupid this whole thing is what a nightmare this is and started criticizing me on the phone, so I snapped and said don't come. then I hung up the phone, I feel bad but at the same time I am sick of her criticism


Latest activity by Heather, on April 16, 2021 at 1:22 PM
  • J
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    Judith ·
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    If you had only started saying that long ago...
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  • Grace
    Expert February 2022
    Grace Online ·
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    I really can't blame you for snapping. I wouldn't have lasted this long before saying that.
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  • KiwiDerbyBride
    VIP May 2015
    KiwiDerbyBride ·
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    Don’t feel bad, feel proud of yourself for standing up to her. The less you pander to her and give her the attention she wants, the sooner she’ll stop the attention seeking behaviour.

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  • Katie
    Rockstar August 2021
    Katie ·
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    I don't blame you. You can only be pushed so far. And don't feel bad, this is a good thing that you need to start doing with her. Maybe she will change
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  • A
    Devoted June 2021
    Allie ·
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    I can totally understand why you snapped (and it was a relatively light "snap" at that too)! I don't have much advice here, but I have confidence in how you will handle this situation going forward. From this post and your other posts, you seem like a very level-headed (it seems like it took LOTS to get you to snap) and respectful (you didn't name-call or anything bad....just said "ok you think it's a nightmare and don't like where this is headed? alright, if that's all true, then you aren't being forced to attend") person, so you will do great!! You got this!!

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  • Heather
    Devoted October 2021
    Heather ·
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    Honestly, I would have snapped too! This is YOUR day and you do not appreciate her criticism and negativity. She seems as if she is constantly making it about HER. She is always the victim type mindset. Yes, she is your mother so you will also feel bad. But also, it is disrupting your peace and your mentality. You need to protect that or else she will win every time. Stand your ground girl! I am praying for you and for your mom.

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