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Just Said Yes August 2011

Joint Maid of Honor and Best Man speech ideas?

Private_User870, on May 6, 2011 at 4:53 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 1

Hi Everyone,

I'm scared of talking infront of a group by myself but I can do it if someone is up there with me. For the wedding day speech, I asked the best man which is fiancee to do the speech with me. Do you guys have any ideas of what kind of speech we can do joined together? We both met the bride and groom five years ago at the same time so I dont have any childhood stories about her and he doesn't about him. Help!! Thank you!! The wedding is on May 22nd 2011, two more weeks to go!


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    To get you started...

    Maritsa: Ladies and gentlemen, may I thank you for attending this wonderful occasion. You can all agree that today has been a great success, so far, they look absolutely stunning. So if you could raise your glasses. To the bride and groom.

    FH :Also, thanks must go to the beautiful bridesmaids, who did a fabulous job today getting the bride ready and making sure she didn't back out. So if you could please raise your glasses again. To the bridesmaids.

    You can talk about what the bride use to tell you about the groom when they first started dating. You can start talking about how great the bride and groom look together

    FH can start to talk about Marriage advise... and then stop and mention, wait, I'm not married yet, you will need to give me the marriage advise.

    I'll see if I can find anything else... Make it short and sweet. Good Luck!

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