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Jewel thieves???

Jen, on October 10, 2021 at 9:48 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 9
My entire engagement I’ve heard from multiple people “be careful with your engagement ring! Jewelers will steal your diamond and replace it with a cheap one!” Every time Ive mentioned getting it sized, cleaned, appraised or whatever. I wish people wouldn’t have put this paranoid thought into my head! I let a jeweler walk off with my ring to clean it (a sales tactic) so I could see how it looked against a wedding band I was considering purchasing. I immediately felt stupid for letting her take it out of my sight but my ring was unharmed. Does anyone else worry about this? I feel like I can never let it be sized or cleaned without thinking I’ve been stolen from now


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    Anais ·
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    I’ve literally never heard about this. I feel like it would be pretty easy to tell that your ring looks different so I don’t think many jewelers would risk their reputation and jail time for this
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  • Jen
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    Jen ·
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    I thought the same thing! That and that we’re talking about jewelry stores with millions of dollars worth of inventory. What would they want my ring for? Lol!
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  • Hannah
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    Yeah, I don't know if this is really something you have to worry about. While I'm sure this has happened once or twice over the course of forever, I don't think it's common enough to have an ongoing fear of it happening.
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  • Cool
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    I have heard of this with large chain stores (Kay, Jared, etc.) but like others have said, not sure how common/real of a problem it really is. If you get your ring resized, they shouldn’t need more than a few hours to do it. I would only leave my ring with the jeweler who made it if it needed repairs, especially overnight.
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    Cassidy ·
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    I’ve heard of this happening. Thankfully I don’t have a perfect diamond and can see a tiny black spot in it, so it’s an easy check for me to make sure. And I guess Kay has had problems with it because now when I have it sent off (redipping, resizing, etc) they show my the flaws under the microscope when I drop it off and when I pick it up. I don’t think you’ll have an issue when you’re just having it cleaned while you’re standing there.
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    Sounds like one of those boogey men stories that doesn't really happen, but everyone parrots it, or it happened a single time and now everyone thinks it's some big risk that happens all the time.

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  • Cece
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    YES! I am so paranoid about this! I’d never heard of it before until my fiancé’s best friend shared it happened to his elderly grandmother! She didn’t even know it had happened until she decided to change insurance companies and they required she get the ring appraised. I was planning on getting the white gold replaced with platinum on my e-ring, but now I’m too scared to!
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  • Allaura
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    Allaura ·
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    I can literally watch the guy or person clean my ring Never leaves my sight. Highly recommend Jared if this is something you’re worried about. You can literally watch them and it’s clean and done in like 2 minutes. They also have an area where you can watch them do repairs and other things like they have a window you can watch them through.
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  • bevbabe
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    bevbabe ·
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    Wow I've never heard of this!

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