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It's my birthday i can cry if i want to

CountryBride, on September 23, 2021 at 5:41 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 1 7

So we live in the Country and are bound to see snakes, mice, lizards in our yard, and rarely do we get mice in the house, so I went to check on my veil and my daughter's bridesmaid dresses well, my bridal belt, sure enough, a mouse had gotten into the garment bag and pooped all over the veil and ate through the lace on the veil and the lace on my daughter's bridesmaid dress, we had no signs that we had mice, we use orkin monthly just to make sure we don't have mice but I guess we missed one., sigh now I have to spend another 600 to replace the items. well the good news is it's my birthday I am officially 34 and the last birthday I will have as a Ms.


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  • Michelle
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    Oh that鈥檚 awful! I hope you have a good birthday anyway. You can get replacement items inexpensively on Etsy for a fraction of the price.
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  • Yasmine
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    Omg that's horrible 馃槩 happy birthday though 馃コ馃コ
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  • Rosie
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    Oh no!!! I'm so sorry, that must have been heart breaking. Thank goodness you have the time to re-buy something, and happy birthday!

    I had a similar situation although not as destructive...I'm in a sub-tropical country so we get a lot of roaches, and I was cleaning and took the bag with my hoop skirt in it out to vacuum and a cockroach leapt out, which led to me dropping the hoop, screaming like a banshee, fiance rushes in and shakes it out of the hoop. My wedding dress had also been in the room so thank GOD it wasn't in that bag, but I did have that moment where I was like... oh god I hope he can't figure out what type of dress it is from this giant-ass hoop. Thankfully (I guess?) I'm fairly certain he knows exactly the type of dress I'm going to wear anyway so it would hardly be a surprise to him

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  • Lisa
    Rockstar July 2022
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    Oh no! Sorry to hear that happened. Happy birthday though!!
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  • Sexypoodle
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    Happy birthday 馃帀 and I鈥檓 so sorry to hear the damage.
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  • P
    June 2022
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    First Happy Birthday!!! I鈥檓 so sorry, those stupid mice. I live in the mountains so I completely get it. I had my dress here for a few weeks and then got worried so now it鈥檚 being stored at my Maid of Honors house.
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  • Fiona
    Expert May 2024
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    Happy Birthday and it sucks this has happened to you. Glad you can see the positive though and it's your last birthday as a Ms Smiley smile

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