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Is it normal for a florist to basically say just pick something off google and they'll make that?

Em Kaman, on February 18, 2020 at 1:43 PM Posted in Style and Décor 0 16
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So in summer, my fiance and I went with my grandma to a florist in town that seemed to have good reviews for a consultation. During it she didn't seem terribly thrilled to talk to us about the plans since there's a few details that aren't solid yet. As an artist myself, I asked about previous work, ideas, best flowers for the time of year, and about mockups (just like a sketch or something so we weren't going blindly into floral arrangements). She said no mockups, basically you get what you get day of (on agreed upon flowers, surprise arrangements basically) and then looked up some bouquets on google and was trying to have us pick from there. I picked one just to be like this is ok I guess but this isn't really unique. She was supposed to contact us again with all the numbers and such but never did. This is the only florist I've really dealt with yet as my health has gotten the better of me, but my fiance and I agreed that it was a weird appointment. Is this typical?


  • Meghan
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    I didn't meet with any florists because I used fake flowers, but that does sound really weird. I would look around some more. I don't think anyone wants surprise flowers on their wedding day, most people like to have an idea of what they're getting.

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  • K
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    When I talked to my florist, she showed me pictures of the ones she did and I brought in pictures of some ones I had found online. I told her the colors I was going for and we talked about in season flowers. The only flowers I was absolutely set on were the hydrangeas for my bouquet and for the presentation to Mary. Otherwise I was not set on specifics just color and size. She understood exactly what I was looking for and although it will be a surprise, she seemed to get what I wanted.

    Again, maybe it is just me not being to specific but when I scheduled she did want me to bring pictures of what I was looking at style and color wise. Not sure if this helps but it was my experience. Good luck!!
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  • Neeva
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    No this is not typical. I met with my florist to discuss my ideas and my budget. She then came up with a list of exactly what she would provide and an estimate of cost. I did show her pictures of ideas I liked.

    We then went to a second meeting where she had a mock-up table for me to see how my reception tables would look- centerpieces, table numbers etc. I decided I liked it but not that much so we made necessary changes and she showed me another mock-up. She even let me look through the inventory of other options to pick the best one!

    Don't settle! Find someone who is willing to work with you until it's perfect!

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  • Mrs. S
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    I picked a picture from her portfolio, and she also told me to find things I liked on google/Pinterest. I didn’t get any samples ahead of time, but they turned out amazing!!
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  • S
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    Shveta ·
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    That was not a good appointment. She should have gone over all the details on what you will need, and where within the venue. I made a pinterest board just for my florist appts so that I could give them examples of the types of looks I want in different places. In a good appointment, they will ask if these are just examples or exactly what you want. She should have been more specific with you basically. That includes asking about specific flowers you like, colors, etc. One thing I'm learning through out this whole process is that if you're getting a bad feeling in the beginning, go to someone else. My good appts presented me with a proposal after our consultations, and the bad ones I never heard from again.

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  • MrsD
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    Since she hasn't contacted you, I'd move on to someone else. I think it's typical for them to not to make a mock-up unless you pay for it but they should have pictures of their work available for you to see.

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  • Samantha
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    Samantha ·
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    I'm sorry to hear about your health, I hope you feel better. This sounds highly unusual. I don't think you should book with someone who is unpleasant to work with before you give them your business. If this is how they're acting now, it won't be better once you're locked into a deal with them. The idea that a florist won't give you a mock up is also totally bizarre. If you've asked for one, you should get one or something that shows what their plan is. If they won't do that, I'd be pretty nervous about the product that you'll get the day of the wedding. The fact that she didn't give you any recommendations for seasonal flowers would also make me question her competency. When you're up for it, I would look for another vendor or you can ask your FS to help scout out places.

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  • Serena
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    Serena ·
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    I'm having an odd time with my florist as well. I had a consultation with her last May. Showed her my inspiration and we decided on colors and she chose the cascade based off my dress style. I contacted her a few weeks ago to let her know my dress has changed along with my color scheme. Didn't hear back until I reached out 3 more times asking if she needed to see my new dress and to confirm I changed my color scheme. Finally she wrote back saying she got my emails and everything will be fine. Like okay?? So then not long after that, the florist who was included in my venue package reached out to me asking me what type of flowers are being used in my bouquet so she can incorporate the same into our arch. I reached out to my florist explaining and asking and my response was "idk yet, I'll let you know when I do". I paid her a long time ago. Shes a seasoned florist and the best in the area. All my vendors highly recommended her. But I'm confused. I'm 12 weeks away and she has no idea of what flowers are being used? Then what the heck did I pay for? Just my bouquet was 260. So I'm expecting the best. Idk how the flower ordering process goes, but I feel like I should have an idea of what I'm getting by now? Idk..
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  • Nicole
    Super August 2020
    Nicole ·
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    When I had my appointment with my florist, she did ask me to share photos of what I wanted so that she could get a better idea of my vision. She asked what kind of flowers, colors, etc. that I wanted. She did a mock up bouquet for me. She also recommended some flowers which I agreed with. We will have a final meeting 1 month prior to the wedding to make sure everything is good and in case I change my mind on some things. This was my first and only florist meeting and I thought she was very professional and met my high standards. I’m not sure how other florists work, but it seems like your florist isn’t that pleasant to work with. Has she done multiple weddings before? I would ask to look at her work, my florist had tons of albums of her work which proved her capabilities to which I was impressed with.
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  • Chrysta
    Super November 2020
    Chrysta ·
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    Because we are having a destination wedding I wasn’t able to have an in-person consult with the florist. Instead, everything has been done via email. She had me email her a description of what I wanted in terms of my bouquet and centerpieces, and include pictures of ones I liked for reference with a description of what I liked about them (ie, color scheme, specific flowers, shape, size, etc), and then she made suggestions based on my wants. Together we created a unique customized bouquet and center pieces. It doesn’t sound like the florist you met with is very involved in the creation process. Personally, I would schedule consultations with some other florists and see which you feel most confident with.
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  • Lauren
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    Lauren ·
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    Our florist gave us some examples of things she's done but also asked us to look on Google/Pinterest to see what we like. I'm using a mix of things she's done in the past and things I've found online (with her recommendations on what will look best with our colors).

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  • Flame Princess
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    Florists never know exactly what the end product is gonna be, its just how it is. To give you an art analogy, its like how youll never mix the exact same color twice when you're painting. The google idea is probably just so she can have a ballpark for the reference. Its also February which is absolute heck in floral shops. Its almost like Valentines day never ended and suddenly its wedding season, which is its own brand of hades. Your florist might be feelin this stress more than anything; work/ life balance is nonexistant for at least the next 8 months. Although its unprofessional, its understandable. I would probably look somewhere else since you really want to be involved and can probably find the one that will work best for you. It sounds like the one you mentioned does this stuff in her sleep and works better with brides that dont wanna think about it at all.
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  • W
    Devoted September 2020
    Willow ·
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    There are a lot of bad/lazy vendors out there, and she is one of them. The florist I talked to gave me a specific quote and put a bunch of flowers together to give me an idea of what a bouquet would look like
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  • Jennifer
    Expert April 2020
    Jennifer ·
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    My florist asked me to to on pinterest and get some ideas. I put together a word document with pictures and my thoughts. Together we looked over my idea list and he had me to to his website and look at other weddings for ideas that were similar and that we could build off of. I am having a DW so this was my best bet. I have faith that they will do beautiful work even with us not meeting in person!
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  • Evony
    May 2020
    Evony ·
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    I used a florist for my daughters' wedding (my mom did mine to many years ago for me to remember (1981)).

    We had a sit down appointment and discussed the color scheme and she made recommendations, such as the calla lilies my daughter dreamed of would wilt during the reception (not a hardy flower). The flowers, baskets, bouquets, arch, and wearables were beautiful because of the attention paid by the florist that was about 10 years ago.

    Now, when I asked about a bouquet for my youngest, who will wed in June, a florist told me to pick something on Pinterest and bring it in and they will give me a price. I was actually okay with that because we had found one she really liked already.

    I would want a mixture of both. The internet is great for inspiration, and the the florist is paid to be a consultant.

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  • Willbe
    Savvy June 2020
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    For flowers, they don't order the product until a couple weeks before the wedding. If this florist does a lot of weddings, she may have 50 different brides trying to update her every few weeks on changes they've made to their dress, their seating chart, their color scheme. Your florist really just wants to know what you want her to deliver, not all of the back and forth changes that are bound to happen as things you planned on don't pan out exactly like you planned. It's good customer service to respond to every inquiry, but she doesn't really need ride the rollercoaster of changes with you, because she won't, or more accurately can't order your flowers 12 weeks before with 100% certainty of availability. As a florist she actually deals with flowers not behaving exactly as planned (certain varieties can come out with brighter or more muted colors on the exact same plant, quantity available) because flower farmers constantly deal with the weather not being exactly as planned. She's used to waiting for the dust to settle and figuring out what IS available that will go together, most likely 2-3 weeks before your wedding, and her wholesaler may call her the week of your wedding and say 'your hydrangeas didn't come in very happy and the whole shipment we got in is unusable, but we can sub for this other flower that brings a similar shape, size and texture'. You're paying for her expertise in handling these kinds of problems that require flexibility and creativity while keeping the same aesthetic/mood you were going for.

    At the same time, she should have enough of a plan together to price and demonstrate she understands what you wanted from the proposal stage. If that wasn't the impression you got from the getgo, you should have gone with someone else. If she did that, and you just want to know that she will do it again, you should trust your original experience. You're basically asking her to do double the planning work that she could do at any time up until the 2 weeks before, and she could be dealing with the exact same thing for a wedding this very weekend.

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