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Invite Wording

FutureMrsHadi, on November 26, 2019 at 2:25 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 1 6

Hi guys!

I'm getting ready to order invites at the end of December and I could use some help with the wording/general etiquette.

My parents are paying for probably around half our wedding- do I need to put their names on there? And what about my FH family who isn't contributing anything? Do their names also go on there? (Not trying to be rude or petty, I just genuinely don't know what the etiquette is for adding parents names).

We're having a kid free wedding, which I know I can't put "adults only" on the invite, and we're also not doing RSVP cards. I will probably add in an info card for where to RSVP on our website, so where should I communicate that children aren't invited and how?

Is everyone supposed to get a plus one? For example, we have a friend who is dating someone at the moment who we've never met, and I don't know her name (or if they'll still be dating by the time our wedding comes around tbh) but obviously I want him to have the option of bringing her or someone. How do you word plus ones on invites?

Sorry this is a lot of questions but I'm kinda lost when it comes to all this stuff. Thanks for your help! Smiley heart


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  • Jordan
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    Jordan ·
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    Look things up online! There’s so many websites that will help you!
    I do have a question though- August is soooo far away. Sending out invitations 8 months early doesn’t quite make any sense. I would be sending yours out in the summer, like June
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  • FutureMrsHadi
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    FutureMrsHadi ·
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    We aren't sending them out yet! We're just ordering them soon Smiley smile

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  • Brianna N
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    Brianna N ·
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    Okay, let me try to answer all of your questions!

    1. Typically, if parents are help paying, there are two ways to word this. Either "Mr. and Mrs. ____ and Mr. and Mrs. ____ invite you to celebrate the marriage of ____ and _____. Another option, which since you are also paying might be better, would be: Together with their families, ______ and ______ invite you to celebrate their marriage. Obviously the ending can be changed up a bit, like invite you to their wedding, etc... whichever works best for you! If you look at invitation websites you can see examples of how they word it. Minted is good, Anns Bridal Bargains are good and inexpensive, etc. Etiquette does say to include all parents if you are include parents at all, as you don't want to offend anyone. You don't HAVE to put that at all, but it would be a nice way to acknowledge their generosity.

    2. We did something similar, because we had everyone RSVP online. It was like an RSVP card but basically just said please go to our website and RSVP by x date. I would have the adults only information on your website. An easy way to do this is we set up an FAQ page with all sorts of questions guests might have. Lots of people used it and complimented us on it. The envelope wording will also help which i'll explain below....

    3. For plus ones, and kids, etc... your envelope is going to be your biggest help. It should say on the envelope exactly who is invited, which is the correct etiquette. Below I will put some examples:

    For married couples: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    For non-married couples or married couples with different last names: Mr. Smith & Mrs. David

    For couples with kids (I know you aren't inviting kids but still): Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Family

    For single guests with plus ones: Mr. Smith and Guest

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

    If you want to look at my wedding website to see the FAQ page it is:

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  • FutureMrsHadi
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    FutureMrsHadi ·
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    This is so helpful! Thank you so so much!

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  • Florida Marlins
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    Florida Marlins ·
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    How about "Together with their families" - please don't get hung up who is paying what percentage for what. It is a lovely invite, I am sure, but people will write the day, time and location down and recycle it.

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  • L
    Lady ·
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    Invites: You could do "Together with their families.....invite you to the wedding" OR "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith invite you to the wedding of their daughter Jane Ann Smith to John Robert Doe, son of Mr and Mrs. X Doe". I personally think it should be all parents or no parents - although technically whoever is "hosting" would be the ones doing the inviting

    Adults only: You're correct to not list this on the invites. But also don't list it anywhere else. Just make sure to address invitations to the specific people invited. I would avoid using "and family" in any situations.

    plus ones: you dont' need to give anyone a plus one. But a plus one is for truly single guests. Everyone married, or in any kind of relationship (regardless of length) should be invited together. Just ask your friend his gf's name.

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