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Invitation stress

Ana, on June 17, 2019 at 7:48 AM Posted in Planning 0 4
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Good Morning,

So I’m picking up my invitations tomorrow yay 😀
for some reason I’m stressed. 🤷‍♀️ Some people got saved the dates that won’t get invitations because of recent events. I just started a new job and I love my boss so I invite her ? Or is that weird ? What if I did it order enough?

Why I’m I so stressed??


  • Caytlyn
    Champion November 2019
    Caytlyn ·

    I would be stressed as well if I sent someone a save the date and then uninvited them. Sounds like you're bringing this upon yourself.

    I would not invite a boss from a brand new job, but I suppose only you really know the relationship.

    You should know your guest list and should have ordered invitations based on it. Why wouldn't you have enough?

  • SraDeCarrillo
    Super August 2019
    SraDeCarrillo ·

    Technically anyone who received a save the date should be getting an invite. That is the etiquette anyway. For that reason alone I decided to skip the save the dates so I wouldn’t have that problem later down the road.

  • Yoice
    VIP March 2019
    Yoice ·
    Oh yay!
    It’s ok, you’re nervous and anxious because is a big deal and is all hitting you now. That’s totally normal.
    I say ask your vendor what options you have to add some later. I had a couple of guest I added to our guest list last minute and I called and printed a couple of more and there was no issues with it.
    As far as your boss that would depend on you and how comfortable you are on sharing such personal intimate day with her. I’m sure she’ll also understand if you can invite her being this all last minute and all plans already made. You can also consider that if you invite the boss you might have to also invite others from work as well.
  • Arielle
    Expert May 2020
    Arielle ·

    It's kind of weird to send someone a save the date and then not send them a formal invite, but only you know that incident, and it's your day, so it is what it is.

    Inviting a new boss in my opinion is kinda weird, again though only you know that relationship so it's up to you. I have 3 bosses and I am only inviting 2 because of my relationships with them.

    And I think stress is totally normal as all these things are coming together! Just make sure you take time for yourself that doesn't include wedding planning. It can be overwhelming sometimes!

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