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Soon2BSmith, on September 22, 2019 at 7:57 AM Posted in Family and Relationships 0 4
I’m trying to brainstorm ways to incorporate my MIL and FH stepmother in wedding plan.
We aren’t close at all! I am closer to the MIL though. I would like to use the wedding as an opportunity to get closer to both ladies but especially to the Stepmother in-Law. FH and her talk daily, she practically raised him.
MIL lives in another country. Stepmom-in-law lives in another state. FH is the oldest child in both of their lives.


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  • Da Mom
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    This is very sweet of you! You could ask them to share some of their family traditions with you and see if you can incorporate any of them in your ceremony. Ask them to go dress shopping with you - maybe FaceTime MIL since she’s in another country. Ask them to take part in the ceremony with a reading or poem. Include them as a VIP guest in the processional. Buy them corsages for the wedding day and/or do a flower presentation to them during the ceremony. Include them on your website if doing one. Ask to borrow a piece of their jewelry to wear. Mostly share your excitement to have them as a family member! Happy Planning 🙂

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  • Soon2BSmith
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    These are GREAT ideas!!! I love all of them!! Thanks so much!!
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  • Sinéad
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    Hey there!! It’s so thoughtful of you to want to include these women in your wedding, especially when they are obviously so important to your FH.

    A great way to keep them in the loop and to grow your relationship would be to keep them informed about your wedding plans, it can be something that you both chat about and bounce ideas off of one another. Of course, this is only if you would like to share your wedding details as they happen. Even just simply asking their opinion about a decision you are finding difficult to decide upon. This will really help them feel a part of the day.

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  • Melle
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    That really is great that you would like to do that. with the age of tech it's good you can send them your ideas and see what they think about it or just skyping them in while you dress shop is another good idea

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