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I'm looking for a wedding party dance song

Jodie, on January 5, 2008 at 5:43 PM Posted in Planning 0 10

I am trying to find a song for the wedding party dance. I am looking for something that is not a one on one dance, but a song that the whole wedding party can dance together to. Any suggestions?


Latest activity by Colleen Nedrow, on January 25, 2008 at 10:02 PM
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    After the bride/groom, bride/father, groom/mother dance, I start off with Bob Siclar's - Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now). The beginning allows for the DJ to announce the dance floor is open to all at the beginning of the song then it kicks. Check that out. If you have further questions, e-mail me at ********@*******.***.

    Oh, Congrats on the wedding!

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  • Dianne Valladares
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    I don't know if you had ever seen "the evolution of dance" video on YouTube but it is hilarious and if your DJ could pull it off it would be a great dance for your wedding party to join in!

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    We're considering the theme song to the Golden Girls...corny but fun! Or the theme song from Cheers...

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  • Kathryn
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    You should check out the wedding song section on wedding wire, its really helped me! They have youtube videos for most the songs and lyrics, also links to buy the cd on amazon!

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  • Duane Archambault
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    Hi Jodie

    Congratulations to you/your fiance and best wishes!

    I'm a pro DJ in NH and some of the bridal party dance songs that I've suggested & couples used have been:

    "Thank You"- Dido

    "Friends in Low Places"- Garth Brooks

    "We are Family"- Sister Sledge

    "Celebration"- Kool & the Gang or "Goodtimes"

    If your bridal party dance follows your other formal dances, your DJ

    is getting ready to open the dance floor for you/your guests- A great song that will break the ice- "Mustang Sally"- Wilson Pickett

    Good luck!

    Duane @DISCstinctive Sounds, NH 603 264-0133

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  • Soon2BeMrs.G
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    Black eyed peas- "let's get it started" is a fun one for young couples....otherwise I like to kick it old school with "pump up the jam" we havent picked a song yet either, but my sister did "let's get it started" and it was a hit, and was tons of fun!

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  • JenniferW
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    "We are family" by Sister Sledge! I am making my family and friends dance to it. I hope this helps.

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  • Renee  Lopez
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    Check out the song: Charmed Life


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  • Lisa Que
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    Hi Jodie,

    Congratulations to you and your fiancee on your upcoming marriage. I was going to say "We are Family" is a good song, I notice a few people already mentioned that. Celebration is also a great song - I like the idea of the Golden Girl's theme (Thank You For Being a Friend), and I also think the song "That's what friends are for" is an excellent choice. If you want a slower song - maybe "Through the Years" would work for you. Good Luck - I'm sure no matter what song you choose - your wedding will be a fantastic day to remember.

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  • Colleen Nedrow
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    Things I have seen while shooting weddings (a few had my jaw dropping):

    Chicken Dance (this rocked, as the party had NO idea)

    Electric Slide

    Cha Cha Slide

    I'll Be there for you (friends Theme)

    while these are good songs for later, it sure is funny and fun to watch.

    Personally, at my own wedding 8 years ago, all of my friends and family were really into swing dancing. We did the Sing Sing Sing (with a Swing) song and went out there and danced up a storm. We traded dance partners and just had a blast. The video is awesome!!

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