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i feel lost

Katie, on May 17, 2020 at 11:55 PM Posted in Planning 0 5
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My fiance and I are lost about what to do for our wedding. We originally wanted a traditional wedding in October of 2022, but I'm so nervous about because of family drama, and the very real possibility of some important family members not being around two years from now. So, we are taking about how to possibly speed things up to next year. One thought was doing a small courthouse ceremony with immediate family on our ten year anniversary, followed by a celebration with all the families a few months later. Or, just wanting it out and seeing what happens (not my favorite options). Any suggestions would be helpful!

The other issue is, our anniversary is important to me, but the next two years, it falls on weekdays. Next year is a Monday and then a Wednesday the following year, I think. I just feel like if we waited the full two years, I might end up regretting it. Has anyone else experienced a common conflict?


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    Megan ·
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    Having a specific date in mind can REALLY limit your options. Selecting a day that's *not* a dating anniversary/important date to you two can also just expand the joy. As someone in the wedding industry, I never advise brides and grooms to pick a certain day of the month/year over something that will work, logistically, for themselves and family/friends.

    I'm assuming you mean you'd do a small courthouse ceremony next year, and a bigger celebration on your 10-year anniversary? If you're on a time crunch for getting married (you want to TTC soon, etc.) then that's a great option. I'd say, any family members that may be medically compromised--I wouldn't risk them being at a wedding this year, or *perhaps* next year, because of worries about catching the virus. If those folks are able to Zoom, that could be a good option.

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  • Katie
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    Katie ·
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    It's a good point about the family for even next year. I didn't really consider that. Thank you for your response!
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  • Hannah
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    Hannah Online ·
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    I agree with Megan in that it may difficult to plan for certain family to be in attendance if they are experiencing health issues. Also, as she stated, getting married on a date other than your dating anniversary just adds to the enjoyment. You get to celebrate your dating anniversary and your wedding anniversary on two separate occasions if you want to. Double the fun!
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  • Rebecca
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    Rebecca ·
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    I had really wanted to get married on our dating anniversary, as well, since it fell on a Saturday last year.

    However, between getting engaged on the New Year's right before that date, and my FIL had a standing business obligation out of the country at the same time. So, we just picked a new date.

    As Megan and Hannah said - now we have a second date to celebrate!

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  • Autumn
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    Autumn ·
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    Is there a reason you originally wanted to wait two years? I think knowing that would be good for anyone trying to give advice!

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