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Just Said Yes May 2024

How to not take it personally when people say "no"

Hannah, on April 16, 2024 at 6:43 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 2

Has anyone ever dealt with with like 40% of the people you invited to your wedding saying "no"? I currently collecting RSVPs and we have so many more no's than I expected. I am trying not to be hurt by it but it does really hurt me. Do you have any advice?

For reference, we are doing a "destination" wedding at a National Park where everyone has to travel at least 4 hours or cross country. We have older family members and members that are from a far that have said no. We have friends that can't travel cross country and friends who have kids that won't travel with them that have also said no.

Like logically I get it but it just feels really hard and upsetting to me that we have spent so much time planning an event and spending that money and then get so many nos.


Latest activity by Pat, on April 17, 2024 at 5:39 PM
  • Jacks
    Rockstar November 2054
    Jacks ·
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    I'm sorry it's turning out that way for you. We do hear that quite a bit around here with destination weddings. That's the unfortunate risk with them. Anyway it sucks, so I do understand.

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  • Pat
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    Pat ·
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    I TOTALLY understand! We had people state unequivocally that there was NO WAY they were missing our wedding. Like, *ell would have to freeze over. ..... and then I get their RSVP with a 'no'. Yes, it was a 'destination' type wedding were they hda to travel here to Florida, so I knew there were some that just couldn't make it. But the other "no"? Hurt big time. But, can I tell ya a little secret? Having the smaller wedding than we expected turned out WAY fabulous. We had lots of time with everyone, the guests themselves interacted with those they didn't know a lot more (emails and phone numbers were exchanged) and the night wasn't a total blur for hubby and I. It is HARD to "let it go", and the one "no" still lingers in my heart a bit, almost a year later, but I really have to say "their loss, not mine".

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