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How to hide ugly water barrels on tent

Radhika, on July 5, 2014 at 10:26 PM Posted in Style and Décor 0 7

Our wedding is on a rooftop patio. Dinner will be under a tent that needs decorating. I need ideas to hide/disguise water barrels that hold the tent down. Don't want to do water barrel covers. Help, please.


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  • AndixLyn
    Master June 2015
    AndixLyn ·
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    You would kind of have to do a cover if you wanna hide them. But maybe take them from tulle or a fabric matching your colors.

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  • Susan
    Master March 2015
    Susan ·
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    I would do matching fabric tablecloths with some kind of decoration like bouquets of flowers on top or even framed pictures of you.

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  • Radhika
    Beginner October 2014
    Radhika ·
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    Thank you, ladies. Both good ideas on tulle and greenery. Not sure what I should do about the triangle that strap makes...

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  • Mrs.Sinatra2B
    Expert August 2014
    Mrs.Sinatra2B ·
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    I would probably do table clothes as well, with centerpieces on top.

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  • Munkos
    VIP September 2014
    Munkos ·
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    Can you drape fabric from the corners to cover the whole thing?

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  • Jennifer
    October 2021
    Jennifer ·
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    Does anyone have a good solution to this? My stepdaughter's wedding is also on a rooftop and she isn't happy with the tarp-style covers. We found some decent skirting that covers the side, but we're still trying to cover the tops. They aren't flat, so that's a problem, but she ordered lanterns to go on top. We need to cover the curved plastic tops of the barrels with something.. Help!! TIA Smiley smile

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  • Clarissa
    Rockstar October 2021
    Clarissa ·
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    I would start a new discussion as this one was in 2014 and may not receive any responses.
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