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How to get venue deposit back??

lidy, on May 29, 2014 at 4:56 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 14
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We booked our original venue back in 2012 and made 6 deposit payments totaling $3000. 11 months ago we called to cancel our date. in the contract it said that we can get 70% back if they are able to re-book the room for the same amount of people(min. 120 guests), which we were fine with, anything is better than nothing. With our wedding date being 6/21, I'm quite surprised that they havent booked yet. They are a very popular venue, hence why we book nearly 2 years in advance.

So i emailed the event planner, and she said no one has booked for that you think they are lying?..should we fight this and try to get at least 50% back...


  • Erin
    Master May 2015
    Erin ·

    It's entirely possibly that no one has actually booked for that date.

  • P
    VIP May 2015
    Private ·

    I don't think she is lying. If you are worried that she is then you can always show up on 6/21 to make sure there is no wedding happening. Unfortunately, I don't think you can fight to get 50% back since the cancellation terms are written into your contract. No rebook mean no money back from the sounds of it. Sorry.

  • Out the Window
    Master May 2014
    Out the Window ·

    If your contract states you will only receive 70% back if they are able to book the room for the same amount of people, then that is all you will receive. A contract is legal and binding to protect all parties. In this case, it's in the favor of the venue. Sorry. Go to the venue on 6/21 and see if there is anything happening and count if there are more than 120.

  • Celia Milton
    July 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    If it's that popular, it's totally possible that no one has even thought to call them to book it this close in. You might ask them if it's okay for YOU to try and sell it at a loss; at least you'd get something back. If you're near NYC, well....there are a lot of displaced people from two major venues that just went out....

  • lidy
    Devoted June 2014
    lidy ·

    Unfortunately I cant just show up..its hours away..and I'm getting married

    FH just called to let me know that a friend of our groomsman's works there, so he will see what they can do.

    I'm not much of a fighter, but my FH is. he is better with the negotiations and making demands.

  • Michele
    VIP August 2014
    Michele ·

    I do not know if they are lying or not but I would say go there on 6/21 and see for yourself. Problem is that if there isn't the 120 guests then you have to argue it because they have lied once and could be lying now. They might not have offered out the date. They may not have pushed to get the amount of 120 people. That might have discounted it to someone because you have cancelled and not thought twice about taking a loss on the amount of people.

    They are not in the wrong and honestly you will not win in court because they are not in breach of you are by cancelling. Good luck with whatever you do but I would honestly try and sell the space yourself. They cannot stop you from posting that information.

  • A
    VIP August 2014
    Anonymous ·

    This is why companies have contracts, so people can't just back out and they're out of money. There isn't much you can do. If there are 120 people book on that date I'm sure you'll get the 70% back. If not I would not spend any money fighting it because it will end up just costing you.

  • FutureMrsMC
    VIP October 2014
    FutureMrsMC ·

    I would have a friend make an anonymous call to inquire if they have space on that date - if they say no over the phone then you know that they have filled the spot...simple as that to find out if they are lying!

  • Stephanie
    Master November 2014
    Stephanie ·

    I mean, there's no "fighting" this unless they have rebooked the date.

    But you signed the contract. If they don't rebook, then you don't get your money back. The end.

  • Annie
    VIP March 2014
    Annie ·

    Are you canceling because you found another venue or did you postpone your date. if you postponed and you're positive they will not give you back your money, ask them what $3300 will buy you. Have a party.

  • DC Julie
    Super October 2014
    DC Julie ·

    It looks like you are in NY. I'd definitely follow up on what Celia said and see if you can reach out to the brides displaced by reBar's abrupt closing. I'm not sure what the other place was that she referenced. If you search for reBar in the forum screen, you should be able to see the threads. I think a few of the brides posted.

  • lidy
    Devoted June 2014
    lidy ·

    We cancel because we postponed the wedding, my FH was out of work due to surgery and i was laid off. We originally wanted to keep the venue and put the deposit for a future date, but i had had to move back to my hometown to find work. We ended up keeping our day and finding a venue for half the price for 75 people in my hometown.

    With our old jobs we had more than enough to pay $100/person for 120 guests.

    then life happened..

  • KarenM
    Master November 2014
    KarenM ·

    I'm so sorry lidy. I don't have any advice, but I sympathize. $3,000 is a lot of money.

  • Caroline Peters
    Expert July 2015
    Caroline Peters ·

    It's possible no one has booked for that date yet, but you could also have someone else call and say they are interested in that date for their wedding and see if that date is still available. We are actually in the same boat right now and we can get our full deposit back if someone books our date but they keep telling us no and our date is very popular as well... so we are having a family member call this weekend just saying they are interested in that date and wondered if it was still available.

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