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How to celebrate on original wedding date?

Alexis, on March 31, 2020 at 9:23 AM Posted in Community Conversations 1 4

We decided to cancel our wedding because of this crazy world were living in with this virus. Now we are three days out from our original date, and I’m gonna be honest, I’m going to be presto dad when the date that I was looking forward to for almost two years comes and goes without the wedding that we planned happening for reasons out of our control. I want to do something special on that day, to at least give it some meaning, but we are obviously restricted on activity ideas. Restaurants are take out only, state parks are closed, movie theaters are closed.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep our original wedding date special, while living in a quarantined world?


Latest activity by Amy, on April 7, 2020 at 12:50 PM
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    Maybe have an at-home date night (either with takeout or cook) and watch a movie, and maybe write/read your vows or some other sort of heartfelt letter to each other to feel wedding-y?
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    Would you still want to get married on your original date? a lot of couples here are still getting married on their original date even if it's just an officiant.

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  • Alexis
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    Here’s the thing, we got married two Sundays ago anticipating a total lockdown. It was a really difficult decision to make, and as a result I now feel like our original wedding date has lost all meaning, even though it was a day that we have been looking forward to for years.
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  • Amy
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    Hi Alexis,

    By now, your original wedding date has passed by three days. I'm sorry that it didn't go the way you've imagined for two years. Smiley cry I hope you and your SO found a way to acknowledge and commemorate the day--or maybe mourning felt right for you. Whatever it was, you're 100% allowed to feel all your feelings.

    WeddingWire has posted a fun article for people who can't go on their honeymoons, which I completely understand is different than a wedding (but also disappointing to those couples) here: 8 Staycation Ideas If You Can't Go On Your Honeymoon. Many of us are spending our days at home, so these suggestions could be a way to make your quarantine time together extra special.

    Hope this helps! Smiley heart

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